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Top 5 Life-Saving Automotive Safety Technologies

Today's highly sophisticated vehicles contain a wide range of life-saving features and more are being developed every day. But, what are the best of these and how have them changed the automotive industry for consumers and car manufacturers alike? At Rick Hendrick Collision Center Chesapeake, we work on some of these safety systems all the time when we repair newer cars from drivers here in Chesapeake and all over VA. 

The safety technologies listed below all have one important thing in common—they are recommended by the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency's (NHTSA) performance requirements. When shopping for a new vehicle, always look for these systems or ask the salesperson for all related data about the car.

Automatic Emergency Braking
1.) Automatic Emergency Braking

If you fall asleep at the wheel or get distracted, this feature will brake for you. By giving the driver a forward collision warning both visual and audible, this technology is saving lives by helping people to avoid collisions with another vehicle or objects by automatically applying the brakes. In a stressful moment when many drivers will panic and make bad decisions, this technology strips the human factor right out of the equation.

2.) Forward Collision Warning Systems

By utilizing forward-looking sensors, this technology informs the driver of an imminent collision so that the driver can either brake or steer completely clear of the collision. This technology gives drivers a chance and a moment to hopefully prepare for a collision before it happens.

3.) Lane Departure Warning Systems

This technology uses a camera system to track a vehicle's position in relation to lane markings on the roadway, thereby warning the driver of inadvertent lane shifts. If you're drifting due to fatigue, for example, this technology could definitely save your life.

Crash Notification
4.) Rearview Video Systems

 More generally known as backup cameras, this technology allows the driver to see behind the vehicle to avoid backing over people when driving in reverse. For so many years, we had to turn our heads while checking and re-checking before backing up, but now rearview video systems are on most of today's newer cars.

5.) Automatic Crash Notification

Right after any collision, this technology notifies emergency responders that an accident has occurred and provides them with the exact location of the crash. This saves valuable time during crucial moments where every second counts. There are also a wide range of smartphone apps that will do the same.

Does your car have any or all of these life-saving safety technologies onboard? If not, don't worry—you can purchase many of these from the aftermarket to add to your vehicle, especially rearview cameras and other crash avoidance technologies. 

Sources: NHTSA, ASCCA and AAA

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