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The Right Anti-Theft Device for Your Car

Steering wheel locks, kill switches and electronic immobilizers—these are just some of the anti-theft devices available on the market today. Depending on where you live and the type of vehicle you drive, you might have considered purchasing one in the past. They can help prevent your vehicle from being broken into or stolen and some insurance companies will even lower your rate if you use one of these devices.

At Hendrick Collision Center Cary, we have heard about car break-ins all the time in Cary, NC so that's why we want to share this blog with you.

When it comes to anti-theft devices, there are many options to choose from, ranging from basic devices that simply disable your car to more advanced choices with features such as GPS tracking. In addition to installing a car alarm, these include steering wheel locks that hold the steering wheel in place so the vehicle cannot be driven; hood locks that prevent access under the hood; and tire locks, which are often used by police departments and stop your car from being removed. In addition, a kill switch shuts down a vehicle’s electrical system, and electronic immobilizers are often included on car keys and prevent a vehicle from starting without a key.

Before deciding which option is best for your situation, check online reviews, talk to friends and family and even consider asking for a recommendation from your vehicle manufacturer.

How do you choose the best system for your vehicle? Here are some factors to consider:

Your budget: Anti-theft devices can range from a few dollars to several thousand. Many automotive experts say the more you spend, the better system you will have, although less costly ones may meet your needs just fine.

Location: Considering where you live will help determine how much security protection you might need. Consider purchasing a more advanced anti-theft device if you are located in an area with high crime.

Type of vehicle: Certain vehicles—often newer models—are known to be targets for theft. Others prefer older-model vehicles since they can be easier to strip the parts from.

Long-term goal: If you are planning to sell your vehicle after a short while, consider purchasing a device that can easily be removed or deactivated.

Still unsure which route to go? Talk to your local retailer before you decide on which anti-theft device is best for your situation.  

Sources: Consumer Reports, CNN and USA Today


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