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Holiday Driving Safety Tips

Getting ready to pack up and go to Grandma’s house for the holidays or another travel destination? Before heading out on a long drive, there are a few things you’ll want check to ensure you have a stress-free and safe drive.

The holidays are on their way and many of us at Helfman Collision Center in Houston, TX will be traveling this year, so here are some tips for all of us to consider.

  • Check to see if your vehicle is operating properly and the maintenance is current. If not, then book an appointment at the body shop to have your lights, tires, belts and hoses, fluids and battery inspected.
  • Plan where you are going to travel ahead of time. With Google Maps and other GPS systems, you can easily decide on the best way to reach your destination. A paper map can also be useful as a backup. Whenever possible, try to leave when there is less traffic on the road.
  • Get a good night’s rest before you leave! It will make a big difference on your trip if you aren’t tired. Regular breaks along the way can also be helpful and give you a chance to stretch your legs.
  • Before leaving your home, check all doors and windows, turn on your alarm and lock up. Timers can be used to turn on and off the lights while you are away and try to find a neighbor or friend to check on things.
  • If possible, leave your valuables at home rather than carrying them in the car. Otherwise, keep them well covered up in the trunk or under the seats.
  • During bathroom breaks, remind your children not to talk to strangers. Consider giving younger children whistles to use if necessary.
  • With more cars on the road, it can often mean more accidents. Pay close attention while driving and avoid speeding and texting. Try to ignore aggressive drivers and always drive defensively.
  • Make sure to prepare in case of an emergency. Keep a blanket, flashlight and other helpful items in the vehicle. Remember to charge your cell phone ahead of time and bring along a car charger. In colder climates, it’s especially important to keep the gas tank at least half full.
  • Look up the contact information for roadside assistance in case you are in an accident.

Remember to relax! Since it can be stressful to drive during the holiday season, do your best to remain calm and enjoy your journey.

Sources: NHTSA, CA DMV and MSN


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