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WARNING I brought my vehicle in with very little damage to fix, one small dent and a few scratches. This required repainting one corner of the car. Every area they painted has problems. Some panels they didn't bother painting the edges. Another they cleared over sanding scratches they left in the basecoat. Another panel has several drips in the clear and uneven orange peel. Every panel has dirt trapped in the clear coat. They refused to fix the orange peel because a buffer would burn through and they are too lazy to fix it by hand. When I pointed out the problems to the "lead" person he asked me how much I had invested in the car as if he could justify the shoddy work based on the value of the car. A professional shop that cared would have a process to catch/correct these things. The shop owner is delusional if he thinks his quality is anywhere close to the factory paint. You could do a better job with a can of spray paint in your backyard.


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