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5 Cars that Don't Get Tickets

A recent study has produced a list of cars that get the least amount of tickets and some of the results are astounding. At Revive Collision Inc., we hate getting tickets in Plano, TX, so we were surprised when we saw this list.

In their study held last year, studied the online quote information submitted by 323,349 drivers to find out which vehicles get the least tickets. With a deluge of pertinent information about car ownership and driving habits, this study has been praised for its depth. 5 cars that dont't get ticketsOf course, ultimately it’s the driver that gets the ticket, not the vehicle. But, this list reveals the fact that nicer cars are less likely for getting pulled over:

1.) Buick Encore: That's right--if you own a Buick Encore, you probably won't get a lot of tickets. 3.2 percent of all drivers of this crossover vehicle reported that they have been written up while operating an Encore.

2.) Lexus IS350: The trendy Lexus IS350 sees only 3.4 percent of its owners with speeding tickets. Interestingly enough, the IS250 with inferior performance gets more drivers in trouble with a whopping 21.6 percent of IS250 owners with tickets.

3.) Acura ILX: The Acura ILX might not be the successful car that the Japanese automaker anticipated, but at least its owners are staying out of peril. Of those surveyed, 5.6 percent reported having tickets while operating an Acura ILX.

4.) Cadillac ATS: The Cadillac ATS is a literally ticket-free vehicle, with only 6.2 percent of its owners having reported having tickets. Cadillac CTS owners, conversely come in at approximately 17.1 percent. Unfortunately, doesn’t have enough data to break down between the standard ATS versus the ATS-V, since it would be interesting to see exactly what that extra power does for a driver when it comes to following traffic laws.

5.) Chevrolet Express: An exceedingly low percentage (7.7 percent) of Chevrolet Express drivers have received tickets while operating this vehicle. Both cargo/passengers vans are likely the least surprising to show up on this list.

I guess one of the main messages here is drive safely, regardless of whatever vehicle you drive, and you will not get tickets. If you're going out to buy one of the cars on this list hoping that you can speed and not get a ticket--think again.

Runners up: Land Rover Range Rover, BMW 320i, Audi A3, GMC Savana and Cadillac Escalade.

We strive to bring you relative content from Revive Collision Inc. in Plano , TX .

Sources:, Yahoo and AOL

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