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How to change your own oil in Pasadena CA

The short presentation by Fix Auto Pasadena so you will remember how to change your oil.

Dan: I’ve never changed my own oil before.  I don’t how to get around a car.

Ben: No problem.  I’ll break it down into steps so it’s easy.  First, Dan, you want to warm up your engine for two to three minutes to get all that gook churned up and can flow easily out of the engine.  So that you don’t burn yourself, turn off the engine when it is warm to the touch.

Dan: Done.

Ben: Look under the car to find the drain plug, which is a large nut or plug underneath the oil pan at the bottom of the engine.

Dan: Ok.  I found it.  What next?

Ben: We need a container to catch the oil.  This one should work.  He says while holding up a container.  Now push this under the oil drain plug.

Dan: That’s done.  Do I just pull the plug now?

Ben: Yes, you do.  But protect your hand with this rag.  Gives Dan a rag.  Now before you drain the oil, be ready to move your hands.

Dan: I think it’s all drained out.

Ben: Now remove the cap from the oil filter at the top of your engine and then unscrew the oil filter.  If you can’t do it with your hands, we can get a wretch out.

Dan: Struggles some.  I’m a manly man.  The filter unscrews counterclockwise, yes?

Ben: Yes.  The filter will have oil on it, so be careful not to spill any as you remove it.

Oil Filter: Ek. That tickles.

Ben: We need to now empty the filter’s oil into our container.

Ben: Let’s get a new bottle of oil out and dip a finger into it the oil to moisten the gasket on the top of the new filter.

Dan: I bet now I need to screw the new filter into the engine where the old one used to be.

Ben: See, you’re a natural.  But there is a slight trick.  Turn the filter gently by hand until it seats, and then go ahead and give it another three-quarter turn.

Dan: No sweat.  What next?

Ben: Wipe around the area the oil drain plug goes.  Afterward, Replace the oil drain plug using our mighty adjustable wrench to tighten it.  Says while holding up the wrench.

Dan: Thanks for letting me use your tools.

Ben: No problem.  Now we are going to use a funnel to pour in all of the oil but one of the quarts into the oil filler hole.  Be sure to pour it slowly so all the oil will have time to run down.

Dan: This is going together pretty well.  I’m all done with that.

Ben: Now we’ll replace the oil filler cap and run the engine for thirty to sixty seconds.  Meanwhile, we’ll check for leaks from the oil drain plug and around the filter.

Dan: That’s easy enough.

Ben: Now shut off the engine and wait five to ten minutes for the oil to settle into the pan, and then check the dipstick.  You do know what the dipstick is, right Stan? Dan: Yes, of course.

Ben: Now keep adding oil a little at a time until the dipstick reaches the Full line.  Now remove the drain pan and give the car a whirl.

Dan: Sure.

Ben:  A couple of blocks should be sufficient, and then we’ll wait until the oil settles down again for another five to ten minutes.  Now check the dipstick again.

Dan: The dipstick measures on the Full line.

Ben: Good job Dan.  Now all we need is to take the oil to an auto parts store for it to be recycled.

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