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Pradeep U.
Vehicle Make : Tesla
2 out of 5
I was rear-ended on April 29th and the bumper had a minor damage. I called up the insurance and followed the process of getting the car repaired. I was suggested to take the car to Magnum Collision Center one of the approved vendors in Atlanta. I dropped the car on May 1st at the body shop (RO Number 73179) and it was delivered on June 8th. My extreme dis satisfactory experience begins the time I walk into the body shop. Here are the chronological events that intensified the customer dissatisfaction and I am at Teslas mercy to take action since Magnum Collision Center does not just care about it: ****. I dropped the car at the body shop on May 1st. I enter in the main reception area and wait for 5 minutes and I see there are three people heads down working on their computers. 2. I get greeted by the Enterprise Car Rental customer service agent that is sitting on the side at the front door. I was happy that someone acknowledged that a customer walked in. 3. Finally after five minutes Jason Abbott gets his head up and makes an eye contact with me and I felt like he is compelled to talk to me because of that. 4. Jason did come by and introduced himself and we got the paper work filled. I was told that I will be contacted next day on the details and estimated date for fix. 5. I never got any calls from Magnum Collision Center and instead the insurance agent provided all the details. 6. I called Jason and left a voice mail and shared the details provided by the insurance agent. Jason calls me next day (i.e., after two days) that insurance approved and we will order the parts and estimated pick up date is May 19th. 7. I get a call from the insurance agent on May 10th that the body shop found the trunk lift gate to be faulty and that needs to be approved. Insurance agent approves it the same day. 8. On May 12th I call Jason to find out the revised estimate date to pick up the car. Jason tells me that insurance has not approved but the approval was sitting in his e-mail box for the last two days. I get a call on May 13th that the car is estimated to be fixed by May 23rd. 9. I get a call from the insurance agent on May 16th that my rental car has been extended to May 24th and beyond that I will have to pay out of my pocket for rental expenses. 10. I called the Tesla Auto Body shop vendor liaison team and spoke to Emeet and pleaded him to see if the parts delivery can be expedited. I also complained about the remarkably bad customer service from the body shop. Never heard back from Emeet. 11. Again, no updates from Magnum Collision Center on what is going on with my car. I call Jason on May 16th pretty furious. Jason then tells me causally that the parts were not ordered until May 14th. How is this possible? Car gets dropped on May 1st and the parts get ordered on May 14th. 12. I then call the General Manager Jordon Wooten. Jordon said he will look into it and assured me that it will be taken care. Never heard back from him after we spoke on when the revised date is for pickup. 13. I then get the final call from the insurance agent indicating that my rental car provision has expired and the revised estimate for the car to be fixed is May 30th. 14. I call Jason again to see what is going with my car since I keep getting the updates from the insurance agent. Jason says the parts have arrived it will be ready on June 2nd. 15. I patiently waited until June 2nd and no updates and reached out again I was assured the work will be completed on June7th. I was happy that I can pick up the car on June 8th and made arrangements that I will come first thing in the morning. 16. The experience does not end here. Went to pick up the car on June 8th at 8 AM when the shop opened. Car arrived and the work done was very good but did not see the license plate. Jason took the car back in the shop and waited for 15 minutes to get the license plate fixed. 17. Finally, got into the car with all that frustration built up and drove for about 5 minutes and I get a red alert message that the car needs to be charged right way. I was speechless at this time since I was driving with negative 5% battery charge. 18. I knew that the Tesla service dealer was close by and somehow drove to the center. 19. Greg Newman greeted me with a smile (which I expected from Tesla) and that calmed me down immensely and took care of the charging. In summary, Magnum Collision Center never gave a flying flip about my complains let alone an apology and I am looking for Tesla to take some action so that future Tesla customers do not have to go through this excruciatingly painful experience. Thanks very much.
Sonny L.
Vehicle Make : BMW
5 out of 5
The guy jason that helped me was very competent and I found he didn't have much of a personality. If he had a fun and relaxed personality my experience would have been more fun. This is no way a complaint just an observation.
Joslyn H.
Vehicle Make : Buick
5 out of 5
Very professional and friendly. The service and repairs were excellent! Five star job!
Keith B.
Vehicle Make : Ferrari
1 out of 5
New scratch on my deiver's side door.
Porter D.
Vehicle Make : Lexus
4 out of 5
Stark was very thorough, and crossed every i and crossed every t. Thanks for having him in your employ. Porter D
Lance S.
Vehicle Make : Volvo
4 out of 5
Elvis did a great job communicating the status of my repair. He worked hard to push my insurance company to repair the car without cutting any corners. It was great to have him on my side, sticking up for me and looking out for my best interest.
George P.
Vehicle Make : Porsche
4 out of 5
Excellent job folks. My 1998 993 C4 looks like new. Your tagline is spot-on "a quality repair is invisible"...with the scratches gone, my car looks like new. Many thanks
Priya C.
Vehicle Make : Audi
5 out of 5
Everyone is friendly and professional - a class act.
Arthur G.
Vehicle Make : Honda
5 out of 5
Excellent work and personnel.
Jean H.
Vehicle Make : Toyota
5 out of 5
Magnum did a wonderful job.
Meryl H.
Vehicle Make : BMW
2 out of 5
In the end, the car looks great. Just wish you guys had more BMW parts stocked regularly so a one week job doesn't turn into two weeks Like mine did. Aline was fabulous and kept me updated all the way. She even stayed late to make sure I got my car and was happy with it.
Paul M.
Vehicle Make : Dodge
5 out of 5
A good experience as usual - very professional - highly recommended-
Paul H.
Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
3 out of 5
I picked up my car and it was dirty in engine well, shop dust, buffing powder in door jams and under rear hatch of my 2006 Z51 Corvette. Under good liner is covered in buffing residue or white dust from shop. The left front fender was reinstalled with a chip in the paint that was Not there before. I brought the car in Pristene Clean and expertly Detailed and got it back filthy.
Virginia O.
Vehicle Make : Acura
5 out of 5
Excellent,efficient service and perfect repair. Thank you...
Patricia C.
Vehicle Make : Mazda
5 out of 5
This is the third time that you have repaired that front end & every time looks like it just rolled off the show room floor, thanks.
Earl B.
Vehicle Make : Mini Cooper
5 out of 5
Magnum has always taken very good care of me, and this visit was no exception
Vicki G.
Vehicle Make : Audi
5 out of 5
Always professional and excellent customer service.
Scott L.
Vehicle Make : Hyundai
5 out of 5
I am a customer for life. Magnum is the best. Thank you.
Elizabeth G.
Vehicle Make : Buick
5 out of 5
Thanks for taking care of my car and getting me out a little early.
Roger P.
Vehicle Make : Mercedes
5 out of 5
Mike You are The Awesomist VIP Repair Company in the World USAA should be proud of you being their referring Repair Company!!


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