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BOOK is GM's New Car Subscription Service

The idea of car sharing has gained major momentum, because people don't want to commit to one type of vehicle here in Pacific Elite Collision Centers Fullerton East and all over the country. They desire variety without sacrificing style, and here at Fullerton, CA we understand that all too well.

So, have you heard of General Motors’ new service that is called BOOK? In short, it's a vehicle subscription service that allows users to pay for full access to any type of Cadillac at any time they desire.  

With BOOK, subscribers pony up $1,500 every month with an additional one-time initiation fee of $500 paid in advance. Automotive experts have compared it to a Netflix subscription, but the only options available at this point are for Cadillacs exclusively, ranging from Escalades to a CTS-Vs. Subscribers can trade out their vehicles up to 18 times annually through the company's app. Once a driver has chosen the Cadillac of their choice, it is delivered by a concierge service within 24 hours.

In addition to the vehicle exchanges, BOOK also enables members to drive any Cadillac with unlimited mileage while covering the insurance, the car's registration, and any ancillary maintenance costs, giving drivers access to awesome cars without ever worrying about the servicing and other maintenance details that come along with buying or leasing any vehicle.

Every new innovation has plusses and minuses, so here we are presenting both sides of this new car subscription service.


It enables the user to drive different vehicles. This feature enables subscribers to get full access to a wide range of cars for varied uses. For instance, an SUV for a camping trip is a perfect fit and a luxury sedan for a night out is stylish and classy.

Drivers are exempt from all the hassles of maintenance and insurance that always come with owning a car.

It's all about convenience and availability right at your fingertips. Subscribers can get any type of vehicle offered by the subscription service at any time they desire via the service’s app, and have it delivered to their current location by a fully dedicated concierge.

Unlike leasing a vehicle, app users can cancel and reschedule their subscription without any additional fees.

BOOK offers support that also includes roadside assistance, another way in which it alleviated the headaches associated with car ownership.

BOOK's monthly fee is all-inclusive, which means it always includes insurance, regular servicing costs, and payments for use of the vehicle itself.


BOOK is not cheap and not everyone can afford a luxury service like this one!

BOOK drivers must keep the vehicle in their possession until they upgrade or cancel their service, so drivers can’t simply use the app just for a weekend or a one-day trip.

You still have to pay for the fuel, and as we know Cadillacs aren't known for being gas-friendly.

While it’s clear that the pros seem to outweigh the cons, these are all aspects that should be considered before signing up with BOOK or a subscription service like it.

Sources: Car & Driver, Tech News and AOL

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