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You're Low on Fuel! Here are Tips to Squeeze More Out of Your Tank

It happens to all of us, especially when we're busy, rushing around and trying to do six things at once. All of a sudden you look down at your fuel gauge and realize oh no--you're dangerously low on gas. The pressure begins to become stressful when you glance down at that big “E” is looking back at you. It's telling you hey--fill your tank every in awhile or risk being stranded on the side of the road.Auto Body Review You're Low on Fuel Tips

So, here are some helpful tips from Joe Hudson's Collision Center - Abercorn in Savannah about how to squeeze more miles out of your gas tank when you're as low as you should go:

Stop Driving Aggressively...Please

You waste a lot of fuel when you’re continually slowing down and then speeding up again to re- gain your momentum. Your gas consumption spikes when you exceed the speed limit and changing speeds doesn't help  either. If you know you have a habit of being a lead foot (and we see it often here in Savannah, GA) be conscious of it especially when you're low of fuel. Keeping your foot secure and in one place keeps the gas flowing minimally.

 Stop Tailgating Now!

Braking unnecessarily is a big no-no when you're in danger of running out of gas and tailgating often results in sudden and unneeded braking. If you're tailgater, then you already know that when the driver in front of you brakes hard, you are forced to do the same. When he then speeds up, you instinctively do the same, which is a common mistake and a great way to burn fuel big-time. In simple terms, full tank or not, tailgating is annoying and dangerous!  Most people who tailgate aren't really in a rush and chronic tailgaters endanger all of us, not to mention the fuel that they waste.

Stop Idling For a Minute or Two

If you’re stopped in traffic with no exit plan, just turn your car off--it's not a sin! It might not sound correct, but if your car is allowed to idle for more than 90 seconds, you're losing more fuel than you can imagine. So, check it down and wait for traffic to unjam before re-starting your vehicle. Always keep in mind that your mission at this point is to conserve fuel in any way you can until you get to the nearest gas station.

We strive to bring you relative content from  Joe Hudson's Collision Center - Abercorn in Savannah, GA. 

Sources: NHTSA, AARP and AOL

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