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The Epic Battle Between The Dodge Demon And The Tesla Model S

The Epic Battle Between The Dodge Demon And The Tesla Model S

A lot of back and forth has been going on between fans of the two camps. Accusations and caveats are thrown around with more than a little animosity. Still, there's no clear winner in the debate. Who exactly is fastest in the 0-60 mph challenge?

The answer is deceptively difficult to determine. There are a lot of sticking points with both sides, but one thing is clear: They're both incredibly fast. The official times really come down to something called rollout.

During time trials such as most 0-60's, there is a factor accounted for called rollout. It's the 7 inch rolling start vehicles are allowed before accelerating. Many people say that rollout is cheating.

That technically it's not really 0-60 because you're not going zero to start.

With rollout, the Demon comes in at a breathtaking 2.1 seconds with the Tesla trailing at 2.3. Pretty clear winner, right?

Well, maybe not. Tesla fans are crying foul because of the weight reduction factor Dodge introduced by scrapping the back and front passenger seats. The Tesla boasts all 4. Still, the "extra" seats for the Demon are technically options anyway. 

At any rate, the Tesla's performance is incredible considering it starts out with a nearly 200 hp disadvantage.

Who do you think is the winner? At Point Collision Center of Austin, TX we're dedicated to bringing you quality, entertaining articles.

Written By: Todd Hendrickson


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