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How much does it cost,approximately, to fix front end damage at F. Lofrano & Son, Inc - Belvedere Street in San Rafael,CA?

One of the most common types of car accident damage that comes through the shop doors at F. Lofrano & Son, Inc - Belvedere Street San Rafael involves some kind of front end damage.  The severity of the front end damage runs the gamut from minor scrapes and dents to severe front end damage that requires a total rebuild. Some front end damage is so sever that it can total out the car.

Fornt end damage on a Honda Accord


Cars that are built today are designed to absorb most of the energy from a crash and keep it out of the occupant compartment where the driver and passengers are seated. As a result when a car hits something such as another vehicle, the car almost explodes into chunks of bumper gill headlights and fender. The energy from the impact is designed to spread out over the easily replaceable panels. How many times have you seen entire bumper covers lying on the side of a highway when driving around San Rafael?

Most of the minor front bumper damage we see is a result of customers pulling up too far in parking spaces, getting hit by debris on an San Rafael road, bumping into a tow hitch, hitting a steep curb, bottoming out, or scraping another car in a parking lot.

The major front end damage usually happens during collisions with other cars on the road, collisions with deer, or with guard rails and other structures.  Front end damage can range from being unsightly to making your car undrivable.  In the San Rafael market, the cost to repair this damage can be as little as $200 or as much as several thousand dollars.

To determine the cost of your car’s front bumper repair, any auto body shop in San Rafael would need to look at the following factors:

Number of damaged front-end components.

If you have just a small dent in your bumper cover or a broken fog light, then your repair won’t cost much in parts and labor.  In calculating your estimate, we would examine your bumper cover, headlights, fog lights, grill, splash shield, and more.

Repair or Replace.

We will also need to see which parts can be repaired and which ones might need to be replaced.  Because bumper covers are made of plastic, instead of metal, they tend to require replacement. However we do have plastic repair equipment at our San Rafael shop and can sometimes literally melt the bumper back together just like we would weld metal. It really depends on the extent of your damage.

Structural Damage

Is there any structural damage to the bumper supports behind the plastic portion?  If you have structural damage, it can increase the cost of your repair.  To determine if you have any structural damage, we’ll take a look at your strut towers, hood, radiator support, fenders, and other elements.

Mechanical damage

We will need to determine if your collision caused any damage to your suspension, radiator, condenser, and more.  Sometimes, your car won’t appear all that damaged, but there will be costly mechanical and electrical damage beneath the surface in need of repair. Because the car is designed to transfer the energy of the crash away from the passenger compartment, it is not unusual for engine mounts, transmission mounts, exhaust and other components to become damaged even if they are far away from the are of the damage.

Paint work

If any of your damaged auto body parts are in need of replacement, the new parts will need to be primed and painted.  If any damaged parts can be repaired, we will likely need to sand and paint them in order to have them looking brand new again.


Did one or more of your airbags deploy? If so you could be looking at as much as $1500 per airbag to replace those.

So how much does it cost to get fixed in San Rafael?

I always like to leave you with an answer and not a series of more questions. So I would say that if the car is more repairable than replaceable you are looking at anywhere from $500- $5,000. This would be for a car that is still drivable.

If your car is severely damaged and not drivable you are looking at anywhere from $5,000 to possibly being totaled.

Hopefully your car is still drivable and can be fixed. If you need a quote to get an accurate auto body estimate, be sure to give us a call at F. Lofrano & Son, Inc - Belvedere Street.



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