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Will Our World's Fleet Be Half Electric by 2022?

For many years, we've tried to become less dependent on gas and now, we're finally achieving it with electric cars (EVs) and alternative fuels. Based on recent reports and experts' forecasts, green automakers have a very promising future as the cost of owning an EV will become comparable to gas cars by 2022, according to Bloomberg reports.

At Car Struction, Inc., we want a greener planet and that's why we too want a world that can use less gasoline for obvious reasons.

EV CarsWith gasoline prices plummeting to their lowest levels with the past 13 years, people will naturally gravitate back to gas-powered vehicles. With the slump in oil prices, the fuel chugging pick-up trucks and big sport utility vehicles (SUVs) can anticipate a demand boost, while the prospects for electric cars looks iffy. Several auto analysts say that there is no indication for oil prices to rebound anytime soon. So, how will this exactly impact the world of electric cars?

Well, fear not--EVs are here to stay and even though gas prices may continue to drop, drivers worldwide have seen the other side and want to get away from gasoline forever, if they can. And with all of the EV models that will be coming out in 2017 and 2018, there will be a plethora of different options for consumers to choose from.

Electric Cars

Despite oil prices dropping, the electric vehicle manufacturers know that electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer a fad or even a trend--they're a revolution, baby! According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), electric vehicles (EVs) will not only have a promising future, but there is a distinct possibility that high sales of EVs could possibly cause the next oil crisis. Finally, revenge on all of those greedy folks who raised the prices on our gasoline every summer or every holiday season to wring cent out of our already near-empty wallets!

One of the major reasons why EVs will still be an integral part of our national fleet relates to the fact that batteries will go down in price as production processes evolve. As a result, the total cost of owning and using electric cars will be identical to its gas-operated counterparts by 2022. 

As of today, electric vehicles make up only 1% of the global auto sales. Even though the oil prices are shrinking, sales of green cars are still climbing. In 2015, the sales of hybrid and electric cars spiked 65% globally, and it is further expected to grow from now on, considering the pace of research and development (R&D) and the overall investment, which can be seen in the market.

In order to overcome this problem for EV owners, governments and car manufacturers are investing heavily to set more EV charging facilities, so that owners can drive longer without burning fuel. Tesla Motors has already established an immense network of charging stations called “Superchargers” and “Destination Chargers” worldwide that can refill EV batteries within an hour.

At Car Struction, Inc., we can see more and more EVs here in Chesapeake and throughout the state of VA. So, knowing that there will be just as many EVs as gas guzzlers by 2022, that's positive news for us and the planet.

Sources: Tesla Motors Inc.,Toyota and

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