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There’s dipped ice cream and dipped strawberries, but have you heard of having your car dipped? (DYC) offers peelable auto paint for those wanting a new look for their vehicle.

At Tony's Body Shop, we give much respect to this cool new technology and hope to see dipped cars in Oxnard, CA sometime soon.

When you first buy a car, choosing a color is an important part of the decision for most people. After a while, you may get tired of the color or just feel like a change. Maybe you want to jazz up your wheels or add a design to the front end.

AutoBody-Review what is

The solvent-based Plasti Dip paint sold by DYC since 2011 is designed to work on any vehicle and comes in matt, gloss and pearl finishes.

Whether you prefer a fluorescent green look, metallic slate blue or a basic red, there are a variety of colors to choose from. There are even colors offered from the muscle car era and military camouflage colors.

One day you are driving a plain-colored car. The next, you have blue racing stripes or a two-tone look.

For first-time dippers, rest assured. DYC will help you determine how much paint you need. Typically, it takes three gallons of paint to paint a small coupe and six gallons for a large SUV or truck. The company suggests applying a minimum of four to five coats, which helps with durability. Extra coats are also recommended for winter wheels.

Kits are available for purchase that provide you with all the items you need including paint, top coat, a sprayer and other accessories. A matte black kit for a coupe is about $200 without the sprayer.

Once you have your materials, it’s time to get to work. Detailed instructions are offered online to walk you through the process and provide helpful tips. Videos and tutorials demonstrate how to prep, mask, clean and protect your vehicle. DYC says the product is easy-to-use and will protect the original factory paint. Hand washing your car is recommended and DYC also sells their own brand of carwash and aftercare products.

After your design is complete, the company said it will last up to three years without retouching. After that, a new coat can be applied. Plasti Dip is designed to resist the sun, winter ice, and other weather conditions. For those painting a race car, you’ll be happy to know that the paint is heat resistance up to 200 degrees F and can hold up to the heat during racing events.

If you still want the dipped look but aren’t ready to do it yourself, DYC installers can help you transform the look of your car.

What happens when you are ready for another change? Just peel it off and start again.

We strive to bring you relatable content from Tony's Body Shop in Oxnard , CA .

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