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Looking for a Car to Restore? Consider these 5 Classics

Restoration is an expensive and sometimes arduous situation whenever you're dealing with old vehicles that usually need more TLC than most people anticipate. Even if you can do the majority of the work yourself, it's still going to set up back some major bucks when it comes to purchasing the needed parts, materials and paint supplies in order to convert an old beater to an amazing car show-quality renovation.

At Center Valley Automotive, we love our cars and that's why we are happy to share this blog with you. People in Reseda and throughout the state of CA  do incredible restorations and we always enjoy seeing their work. looking for a car to restore consider these 5 classics 1.) Buick Riviera -- 1963-'65

Car restorers worldwide agree that the Buick Rivera is one of the finest American cars of the post-war era and that's why people are always looking for an old one laying around. If you get lucky and find one of these beauties, anticipate to drop some major money, especially for the 1964-'65 models with the dual-quad carburetors. If you're able to obtain one, there are a lot of companies out there now offering reproduction parts, which can make full restorations easier and a little more affordable.

2.) Lincoln Continental -- 1961-'66

Ask any car buff about the Lincoln Continentals and you will see their eyes get wide. With a body shape that will never go out of style, there will always be a huge demand for these models. While a handful of body and trim parts have been masterfully reproduced, there is not a large inventory of them. But fear not--while original body parts are hard to find, most mechanical parts can be purchased at fair prices fairly easily.  

3.) Chevrolet Bel Air -- 1953-'54

If you the 1950s Chevys, Bel Airs make a great option to the popular Tri-Five models, especially as more and more car enthusiasts start appreciating their striking yet traditional look. Reproduction parts are more available now than ever, and the prices are very affordable. Of all the vehicles listed here, the Chevrolet Bel Air of the early 50's is probably the most attainable, so start looking!

4.) Pontiac GTO -- 1971-'72

Even with the prices of all the early GTOs, (especially those featuring Tri-Power and Ram Air-spec V-8s), these cars are going to cost you.  With its iconic front grille  and styling that is popular with car restorers and people who love vehicles from the 1970s desire these GTOs. With a wide range of body and trim aftermarket parts that have been carefully reproduced, re-building one of these can be done fairly easily if you have the cash to get the car first.

5.) Ford Model A -- 1928-'31

The Ford A Model is considered to be the Mustang of the pre-war era. Each and every very part of this 1920s car is currently available, including new body panels and all of the associated trim pieces. There is  also a rapidly growing aftermarket for speed parts, including performance cylinder heads and 5-speed gearboxes. An enormous production run of these cars many years ago means that there are a lot of these cars to choose from. Many first-time restorers make the Ford Model A their first project, because compared to all of the other vehicles on this list, they are among the easiest to rebuild.

We strive to bring you relative content from Center Valley Automotive in Reseda , CA .

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