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Tips for Successful Car Camping

Vacationing and camping are both a lot of fun, but they can cost a lot of money too. Just go to an REI or Sports Basement and look at the prices for tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and other camping gear and you’ll agree that having a good time can be a costly time.  That’s why people all over the country are car camping, because it’s convenient and saves a ton of money.

Safety, comfort, and hygiene are major factors to an extended stay in your vehicle. Below are some general tips for the sleepy road warrior with limited funds, the camper who gets stuck in some severe weather or just someone who wants the alternative, brought to you by all of us at Accurate Auto Body.


Waking up to someone looking in at you can be frightening. Use your pack towel or similar fabrics to block out your windows from the outside.

Have Your Supplies

At the very least always have a good warm blanket, including an Emergency Kit, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Tent, Supply of Water, 2 Packs of Dehydrated Camp Food, an Ultra-Light Camp Stove Camping Cook Pot, Camping Cutlery, a Large Pack Towel, Hiking Boots, Small Tool Kit, Mid-Sized Backpackers Backpack, Wool Hat, Gloves, Head Lamp, Pocket Knife, 50-100 Feet of Nylon Rope, an Eye Mask, and a Lighter. 

Find a Safe Place to Park for the Night

Just pulling over anywhere will leave you dissatisfied, in trouble, or towed. This is possibly the most important thing to spend time on when sleeping in a car.  Always look for signs that say you're not allowed to be there! If it says no, don't try it, unless you're in a terrible jam.


If you have a sunroof that opens, buy a small piece of window screen from a hardware store that is 2-3 inches long on all sides than your sunroof. Open the sunroof half way if possible (small enough that a person or scary animal couldn't sneak through.) and wedge the screen around the opening.

Make it Comfortable

Let's face it, your car is obviously not the most comfortable place to sleep, but you can try your best! If you don't have a pillow use a backpack, duffle filled with clothes, or sleeping bag in a stuff sack as padding!  You can also unroll your camping bag in the car to use bedding!



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