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Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

Summer is now a distant memory and school is in full swing, but the holidays are almost here. Where has the time gone? So, as you gear up for a trip with your toddler,  Shanahan's Auto Body & Paint  would like to suggest that having a little one (or two) onboard will undoubtedly change your road trip in a big way. Our first advice would be to take a series of deep breaths and don't have huge expectations, because big plans can also go awry when young kids are along for the ride.

These rules are time-tested and will never fail you. Whether you live here in  Sacramento ,  CA , NYC, LA or the Windy City, parents with little children can benefit from this advice. traveling with babies and toddlers Stay Calm and Be Flexible  

Going on road trips with your children can be a marvelous and memorable experience, but only if you're willing to be flexible and roll with the punches. Your little one isn't going to likely sit quietly in the car for more than 3-4 hours at a time unless you're prepared to deal with the cards as they're dealt.

Stock Up on Supplies

Make sure to pack everything you may need on the road--snacks, entertainment, liquids, towels and extra clothes for those little accidents in the car. Children easily get dehydrated on a hot day and when toddlers get hungry, they won't to eat now. When it comes to snack time the best picks for toddlers are easy-to-pack snacks of things like whole grain cereal, pre-cut fruits and freshly-cut vegetables, juice boxes, animal crackers, and other toddler-friendly snackables.

Stop Often

Some people like to drive all the way through to their destination with minimal stops or potty breaks. But, those folks probably don't travel with young children. To stay sane and avoid major drama on a road trip, always break up your trip so your toddler can get out and visit the facilities if needed. Schedule these stops and let the kids know that they're coming to make it fun. Pick out parks, playgrounds and recreational areas on your route by utilizing the mapping app, Oh, Ranger! Parkfinder and find the nearest public restroom with another app called SitOrSquat. When your driving day is finally complete and you're off the road, give yourself enough time to wind down after an exhausting day of driving.

Traveling with young children is not easy, but by being prepared and ready to react to the unexpected, you will come out smiling after your long road trip is done.

We strive to bring you relative content from Shanahan's Auto Body & Paint in Sacramento , CA .

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