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How to Use Your Car's Mirrors

How to Use Your Car’s Mirrors the Right Way

More and more drivers are having accidents because they lack basic driving knowledge, and not knowing how to use their mirrors is one reason why. Too many people don’t rely on their mirrors and in the end, they’re driving blind. Know how to use your car’s mirrors and become a safer driver. By using the equipment that’s provided, you can become a more effective and responsible driver. These helpful tips about how to use your mirrors are brought to you by Cape Auto Collision one of the finest collision repair companies in the Plymouth, MA area.

Blind Spots

One of the main reasons for car accidents is related to blind spots. These problems begin when drivers position their side mirrors incorrectly, offering a limited view of what’s happening both behind them and to their sides. Too many drivers develop bad habits that lead to accidents, so let’s look at all of your car’s mirrors and determine the best way to use them to avoid accidents.

 1.   Driver’s side mirror:  Rest your head against the driver’s side window.  Adjust the mirror so that you can just barely see the side of your car. This way it will be perfectly positioned and you’ll be able to see more of the road.

 2.   Rearview mirror:  Sit up straight with your head situated to simulate the way it will be while driving.  Adjust the mirror so you can see out the entire rear window. There are more rear-end accidents than frontal collisions, so whatever is going on behind your vehicle is, of course, very important.

 3.   Passenger side mirror:  Lean toward the center of the vehicle.  Position the mirror so you can see only the very edge of the car. That way when you sit up, you’ll be in the right spot to use the passenger side mirror correctly.

Testing, Testing. Always Testing

Once you have your mirrors set up, make sure you use them while driving around Plymouth. Drive in the right lane of a highway with multiple lanes. Look in the left mirror and watch as a car approaches you in the left lane.  As it passes, its image should vanish off the outer edge of the mirror just as it appears in your peripheral vision. Fine tune the adjustment if necessary to achieve this.  Now drive in the left lane and use the same procedure to check the right mirror adjustment. With typical mirror adjustments, the approaching vehicle disappears from the side mirror before it enters your peripheral vision.

 It will probably take several times to become completely comfortable with this new setup, but once you get used to it, your daily commute throughout Plymouth will become much safer.  Remember that ultimately, you're in control of what you’re doing while on the road, but you should always be careful and wary of other drivers out there. At Cape Auto Collision in Plymouth, MA we always stress safety by being proactive, and by offering simple, helpful, anf (potentially life-saving) tips like these!

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