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Vehicle Make : Volkswagen
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I recently wrecked my custom 2010 Jetta TDI with thunderbunny package. I carefully chose Royal's body shop as my choice based on reviews of the dealership it is associated with. I assumed that since it was associated with the VW dealer they would be the best ones to repair my custom VW thunderbunny body kit. Right away they were terrible to deal with, with no contact after the car arrived at the shop, no explanation of the estimate, and not returning numersous calls. On top of all that I only sopke to a secretarty who obviously has no idea what is going on with my car. After I was assured they were getting the right parts, I double checked all the part numbers in the estimate to find out that they were going to try to put a stock bumper on the car. I told them that the thunderbunny bumper was an OEM accessory part from VW and they should be able to get a replacement but they insisted that it was discontinued and no lnger available even as an aftermarket part, a 20 second google search found two aftermarket websites that still sell them. I also found out from my local dealership parts department (I live in SC) that I can actually get one straight from VW as an OEM part after all. Needles to say I will not be having them do the body work after all. If you love your car dont use this body shop.


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