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Vehicle Make : Nissan
1 out of 5
i will never use this shop, they are money hungry; i dealt with pino off and on for 20 years, my insurance picked up the tab, so no big dea! this last time, my 2003 suv was totalled and pino tried to price gauge the estimate verbally, i never saw a written estimate until i asked for it, and then decided not to have it fixed right-away; because he kept asking me how much was the settlement value, when i told him, he said my car would be about $5,000 to fix and may be more after he put it on the lift, well 3 weeks later, he asked the adjuster how much did she settle with me for, she said it was confidential information and i still never told him, he offered to buy my car for the price they gave me, out of which he thought i was going to tell him. sounds like dope feind, will rob you and then try to help you find your **** he stole. pino tried to charge me a storage fee for insisting on holding my car until i was ready to fix it, and then the carrier and i settled my claim and he tried everything to keep my car there. he kept telling me lies that he had the parts, when i went to have my truck towed, it was damaged from sitting outside 2 weeks, he then brought inside the third week and put it on the lift, i asked him to call me when he did, and i could see the damage to be clear on if i wanted to sell or keep it, he offered to buy it; however, he never called me as i requested, i called and they were dismantling my car, the next day i bought a used car, he couldn't give me a guaranty that my car would run good again, the frame was bent and he insisted he could fix it, but $5,000 is a lot of money for a maybe! i had to file a complaint with nj consumer affairs division, call the police because he refused to give me my car after i said i'd rather have my car sit at my house until i am ready, he says "i gotta get something" i said you didn't do anything and when i'm ready i will bring it back! he said no and then offered me a bill for $935, storage (3days) and tow fee the insurance company had already agreed to pay and mailed the payment that friday.... pino is a thief, his own friends said that you have to watch him, he will steal (i don't wish you no harm, but god doesn't like ugly and i will see you in court) it will cost you more than it's worth..... they call it consumer fraud; i have a right to know how much my bill will be, get the actual estimate and approve the company to do work, he was so stupid that he LIED TO THE POLICE WHEN THEY CAUGHT HIM IN THE LIE, ABOUT THE DATES THAT WAS ON THE ESTIMATE, THE FEE, AND THE VERBAL FEE HE TOLD ME! HIS HANDWRITING WAS ON A BLANK TOW AUTHORIZATION, THAT HE CALLED A "WORK ORDER" THE OFFICER SAID THERE WAS NO WORK TO AUTHORIZE, HOW DID YOU GIVE A CUSTOMER A BLANK SHEET OF PAPER...... WHAT A DUMB ****, YOU WOULD EVEN LIE TO THE POLICE!!! THAT'S BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE, IN VIOLATION WITH THE CONSUMER FRAUD ACT, ALSO BREACH OF CONTRACT W/OUT THE WRITTEN ESTIMATE, BUT EVEN ON a verbal one, he was banking on how much the carrier was totaling my car out for, THEN TOLD ME THAT "HE AND HIS FAMILY HAD TO "EAT".... WTH! SO THAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO ROB, LIE AND STEAL FROM CUSTOMERS? I THINK NOT - ESPECIALLY WHEN HE ADMITTED TO GETTING THE PARTS FROM THE JUNK YARD..... BUYER BEWARE. PINO IS A SCOUNDREL!!!!!!!!


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