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Iconic Bullitt Movie Mustang Found in Mexico

AutoBody-Review iconic bullitt movie mustang found in mexicoNearly 50 years ago, Warner Brothers Pictures released Bullitt starring Steve McQueen and car aficionados instantly fell in love with all of the muscle cars that were in the film. But, the one that everyone has been talking about since the movie came out is the 1968 Ford Mustang GT fastback that is driven by Steve McQueen, as inspector Frank Bullitt in the movie. There is a cult following around this legendary car and the memorable chase that is the signature moment in Bullitt.

At Impact Collision Center, we happy to announce that this Mustang was recently found south of the border. We see a lot of Mustangs in Lubbock, TX and love the muscle cars, but this is a one-of-a-kind vehicle and surely worth a fortune.

Based on photographs and other specifics that appeared recently on a vintage Mustang forum, one of the most memorable cars from the world of cinema in Bullitt has allegedly been located in Mexico. 

Freddy Garza, a member of the vintage Mustang forum claims that the vehicle has been located Mexico for the past 30 years. Garza, who owns and operates a fastener distribution service in Mexico, explained that the owner of a restoration shop that was preparing to work on the Bullitt car came in with the car's VIN (8R02S125558) that identified it immediately as probably the most famous Mustang in existence.

When Garza saw a photo of the VIN number, he was excited and intrigued, so he went to check out the vehicle himself. When he got to the shop and was able to inspect the car, he instantly noticed reinforced shock towers, a hole in the trunk that was evidently done to accommodate a generator's exhaust that powered movie lights on the Mustang.

How did the Bullitt car finally end up in Mexico? After all of the principal filming concluded, the vehicle was allegedly sold off, an emotional decision that apparently didn't make Steve McQueen happy, to say the least. A few years later, he reached out to the person to whom he sold the car and had more than a few conversations. McQueen wanted it back and allegedly offered a lot of money for it, but without success.

This newly-discovered fastback will reportedly be on display at a Ford dealership in Mexico for a short period before it is transported to the U.S. for restoration. And then later--off to a automobile museum, no doubt!

We strive to bring you relative content from Impact Collision Center in Lubbock , TX .

Sources: Yahoo, Google and CNN


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