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How to Save Major Bucks on Car Rentals

It's like everything else--those people who work harder and think smarter get the sweet deals while those who are uninformed get stuck paying through the nose. This is definitely true when it comes to car rentals here in  Riverside, CA and anywhere else in the world, to be honest.

By offering you some simple advice, Inland Empire Collision can hopefully help you to save some substantial dollars on your next car rental. In the end, it requires a little research to find the best deals. If you know where to look and when, you can cash in, because all of the major car rental companies are in constant competition. You can always locate discount car rentals from even the bigger name companies. In fact, the larger car rental companies are more prone  to offer the more attractive deals, because they have larger inventories to keep on the road.

Here are some basic tips about how to save serious money on your next car how to save major bucks on car rentals

• The best deals are usually for weekend rentals, while weekly rates are normally much lower than daily rates.

• To get the finest deals, an advance booking  three weeks ahead will usually save you money.

• Airports will by and large always offer the lowest base rates in the area.

• You can often get an excellent deal on one-way rentals during specific times of the year. For example, you can usually save a ton if you're driving from Florida to New England in March or April, because that is when rental companies need more cars in the Northeast.

• Always talk to car rental agents and don't be afraid to ask for a sweeter deal. Larger cars can be more plentiful than compact cars, so if you're flexible, you can save even more money.

• Don't ever pay for an upgrade,  because many rental companies will often give you an upgrade for free if they don't have vehicles available in the class you reserved.

• Many people don't realize the fact that they can earn frequent flier miles from a wide range of airlines when you rent from any of the major car rental companies.

• When you find a deal that you like, book it pronto. Those who wait often are left hanging, especially when the deals are especially sweet.

• You can also save cash by setting your prices on websites like Hotwire, Expedia and Priceline.

Sources: Consumer Reports, CNN and AOL

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