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Should I Have Liability or Comprehensive Insurance?

We're always looking to save money on car insurance and that's why insurance companies spend countless millions on advertising the fact that their prices are the best. But, are we putting ourselves in possibly perilous situations by trying save a few bucks on our insurance.

At Inland Empire Collision, we try to give good advice to our blog readers in Riverside and all over CA, so here are some recommendations for you to consider. The burning question that we are asking here is this--Is it wise to have liability insurance, or should you always opt for comprehensive coverage?

Many experts will tell you to drop your comprehensive insurance and/or collision coverage on a car that is older than eight years. The rule of thumb is that if your vehicle is worth less than $2,000-$3,000, you should no longer carry full coverage. If you get into an accident with this inexpensive (and possibly old) car, you will likely end up paying more in your deductible and premiums than what the vehicle is worth. Once your car reaches that point and you have it completely paid off, start thinking about some cheaper car insurance, especially if you have a good driving record.  

If you want a nice car, you're going to have to pay more for maintenance, repairs and also insurance. New and expensive cars always mean higher collision and comprehensive premiums across the board, so when you buy a newer vehicle, prepare for the additional cost.

Another way to save on car insurance is to drive fewer miles and concentrate more intently on being a safe driver. Most insurance companies offer safe driver incentives, which can lead to substantial auto insurance discounts. Drivers with points in the last three years qualify for lower car insurance rates. Having cheap car insurance depends quite a bit based on your decisions behind the wheel. There's good reason for this. For every speeding ticket you get within twelve months, your chances of being at fault in a motor vehicle rise radically. So, please--slow down! The fewer miles you drive means that you will pay less for your insurance overall. If you can carpool or travel via public transit to and from work, your rate will also go down. Simply stated, lower your mileage and you'll lower your premium as a result.

If you have teenagers who drive in your family, it might be more difficult to to attain inexpensive vehicle insurance. But teenage drivers who are top-notch students, or who drive older cars can earn auto insurance discounts. Additionally, college students that attend school more than 100 miles away from home might also qualify for lower rates as well.

When thinking about any car insurance, remember that you are your family's safety should be paramount, but saving money is also nice too!

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