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Eliminate Distractions Before They Happen While Driving

Congested traffic, noisy kids, pedestrians, the car radio, dogs in the street and annoying passengers are just a few of the all the possible distractions that can endanger yourself and others while driving in Riverside, CA or anywhere else.

AutoBody-Review eliminate distractions before they happen while drivingAutoBody-Review eliminate distractions before they happen while driving

Some distractions are not avoidable while others are easier to prevent by training your mind and planning ahead. Safe driving always requires your full and undivided attention all the time, so alleviating situations that might take away from your focus on the road ahead is always a wise approach.

Here are some tips brought to you by Inland Empire Collision that will help you to avoid distractions while driving:

  • If you're driving, just drive. Driving is not a multi-tasking type of thing and most people can't do multiple tasks well simultaneously. When you're behind the wheel of a vehicle, you're in charge of the safety of yourself and your passengers if you have any onboard. So, never let anything divert your attention from what you're doing; actively scan the road ahead on both sides; use all of your mirrors correctly and watch out for pedestrians, animals and debris on the road, as well as cyclists at all times.
  • Store all of your gear and other possessions securely and in the truck or glove box if possible. You would likely be shocked if you knew how many accidents are caused by drivers who attempt to pick up items that are rolling around on the floor? It's dangerous and a silly thing to do, so store it and forget about it and live another day.
  • Make adjustments with your vehicle before you embark on your trip. Check and re-check your GPS, seats, mirrors, climate controls and sound systems before leaving for your journey on the road. Plan your routecarefully and always check traffic conditions prior to your road trip.
  • Secure all passengers, especially children and pets. If they need your attention at any stage of the trip, simply get off the road safely. Reaching into the backseat to deal with a child or dog can cause you to lose control of the vehicle, so always pull over safely.
  • Set your electronic distractions aside. This is one of the biggest problems nowadays, because people still text and talk on the phone while driving. It's become an epidemic. So, here is some advice that everyone has heard time and time again: Don’t use cell phones while driving, except in extreme emergencies. Never text, send emails, play video games or access the internet with a wireless device while driving--and even those that are built into the vehicle. Your task is to drive and your car is not a communications hub or wifi cafe!
  • If you have passengers, why not ask them to help so that you can focus safely and more intently on driving? Kids will often be more than happy to play the co-pilot role, so just ask and make it fun.

We strive to bring you relative content from Inland Empire Collision in Riverside , CA .

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