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Welcome to Anthony’s Paint and Body shop!

We have been serving California’s auto body repair needs since 1945.  Anthony's Body Shop has a great location in Santa Monica. For the past three years, the Santa Monica location has been maintaining the excellent reputation that Anthony's Body Shop has built over the past half century in Santa Monica, and in Santa Monica.

When you have been involved in a car accident, we are your go to collision repair experts, and we are fully equipped to fix your car's body and restore its paint. The autobody repair equipment we use is of the highest quality and latest technology on the market. Our auto body repair product and the auto body repair parts that we use are of the highest caliber. We ensure you that all of our auto body repair technicians are ASE-certified. Those at our Santa Monica location worked from our other locations, so they have all been with us for ten years or more.

We are well staffed, and we fix auto body damage fast!

With our well rounded staff, we can guarantee that your car will not sit around for days in the shop with no one working on it, when you choose to have your car repaired at Anthony's Body Shop. Our entire staff is completely capable of repairing all of the cars we accept. We offer a very fast turnaround for all of the cars we service.

Your car will be kept safe when it is in our Possession!

We understand how important your car is to you. When we are not repairing or repainting a customer car, the car is stored in our back lot, complete with an alarm system, fence, and guard dog. For the higher-end vehicles, we keep them in a large covered area over night.

Contact Anthony’s Body Shop if you've been in an accident. We can get your car repaired to its original condition in no time. When our auto body repair work has been completed no one will be able to tell that your car was ever damaged, and the repaired portion will be just as good as new. We are familiar with all makes and models, so your cars will be safe with us. Don't let a collision stop you from enjoying your vehicle or living your life!

Let us get you back on the road again with a car that looks as good as you deserve.

What we offer at Anthony’s Paint and Body Shop:

• Excellent Customer Service

  • A lifetime Warranty

  • Damage auto Towing and Car Rental

  • We work for all auto Insurance Companies

  • Auto Body Repair Services

Our Five Star Customer Service Pledge

Car accidents get their name from the fact that nobody ever plans on causing a car accident or becoming the victim of a car accident. That is why we are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can begin fixing your car accident damage immediately. We know that you didn't mean to get in an accident after hours, so why should you be punished for it? Contact us as soon as you have an accident, so we can arrange towing, a rental car, and a repair appointment.

Our Written Autobody Repair Warranty

When your car is serviced by Anthony's Body Shop, you receive our limited warranty. We are so sure of our quality work, that we offer you a warranty along with our work. Contact us today for more details about how our warranty will protect your car long after your collision repair.

Damaged Auto Towing and Rental Cars

We've been in the business for over 60 years, so we have learned which towing and rental car companies are the best. We can get you a good deal with them when you bring your car to Anthony's Body Shop for collision repairs-body and paint.

We work with ALL Car Insurance Companies

Over the past six decades, many insurance companies have recognized that Anthony's Body Shop is a company they can trust. The following list is just a few of the insurance companies that will accept repairs done by us.

21st Century

All State




Bristol West

GMAC Insurance



Coast National

Liberty Mutual


Allied Insurance

Farmer's Insurance

Mercury Insurance

Metlife Auto

If your insurance company is not one of the companies listed above, contact us today to find out whether yours is also one of the many that trust Anthony's Body Shop to get the job done right.

Autobody Repair Services

Anthony's Body Shop is a full-service collision center that is fully equipped to repair body and paint. We are also able to fix mechanical and electrical problems that are related to the loss. We will be able to do everything required to get your car up and running again.

At Anthony’s Paint and Body shop, we do all types of auto body repairs, auto paint work and any type of collision repairs.  Our certified autobody repair technicians can take a wrecked car and turn it into a beautiful and correctly repaired car and quickly.

We can fix, replace or repair auto body parts on your car such as mirrors, head light assemblies, tail light assemblies, bumpers, glass, fenders, doors, hood and trunk. Just bring in your car and get a free autobody repair estimate.

Some accidents are very bad, twisting the car’s frame and just about totaling the car. We have the state of the art auto body repair tools and equipment to straighten or replace the car’s frame back to factory measurements. Our auto body repair mechanics can replace any section of your car and measure the car to assure it is exactly perfect, just like the factory intended.

During accidents, your airbags may have deployed. After fixing your car, we can replace your airbags and other airbag equipment such as sensors, modules, and seat belt pre-tensioners. We use quality aftermarket and or factory equipment to setup and restore your vehicle’s airbag functions so that they will work again properly.

Whether your auto body repair needs result from a car accident, a  parking lot dent, or a broken part, just bring your car in to Anthony’s Paint and Body shop for a free auto body repair estimate today. We are a one stop shop that can get your car looking and driving right. Anthony’s Paint and Body shop can do body repairs, or mechanical repairs right.

We are the best “Auto Repair in Santa Monica” repair shop!

It is all about YOU, the consumer

When shopping for an auto body and auto paint shop, you are primarily concerned with three things: accuracy or the auto body repair, speed of the auto body repair, and ease of doing business with the repair shop.

Caring Customer Service

Our customer service associates possess the knowledge and experience required to aid you in the processing of your auto insurance claim. Each associate receives the training and support necessary to be both fair and professional in their discussions with insurance claims representatives, ensuring that the proper autobody repair procedures, parts and materials are used to repair your damaged vehicle.

Speed, Accuracy, Ease

ANTHONY’S PAINT AND BODY SHOP in Santa Monica California has some of the fastest turn around times in the area, often completing our vehicles ahead of schedule. How is that possible? We employ some of the most streamlined repair processes in the industry. We don’t cut corners, we simply repair our customer vehicles in a much more efficient shop, utilizing some very advanced processes and techniques. As a result, we have fewer mistakes and fewer take backs than any other shop in a 30-mile radius.

Why should you have your vehicle repaired at ANTHONY’S PAINT AND BODY SHOP in Santa Monica?

You need a license to drive a car, to practice medicine, even to cut hair. You do not need a license to cut open a car and fix someone’s collision damage. Frightening thought isn’t it?  At ANTHONY’S PAINT AND BODY SHOP in Santa Monica, we not only employ some of the best-trained technicians in the industry, our company ensures that your vehicle is being reconstructed using the proper autobody repair techniques and latest processes. All ANTHONY’S PAINT AND BODY SHOP technicians are required to go through annual training and are welding-certified. This means we’re better prepared to repair your vehicle correctly on time, every time.

Our Service Area

ANTHONY’S PAINT AND BODY SHOP in Santa Monica CA primarily services these California geographical areas:

Serving the communities of Santa Monica,

Venice, CA  (2.66 miles)

Pacific Palisades, CA  (2.83 miles)

West Los Angeles, CA  (3.12 miles)

Marina Del Rey, CA  (3.49 miles)

Mar Vista, CA  (3.60 miles)

Playa Vista, CA  (4.86 miles)

Century City, CA  (4.90 miles)

Palms, CA  (4.91 miles)

Culver City, CA  (5.45 miles)

Playa Del Rey, CA  (5.52 miles)

Barrington, CA  (6.26 miles)

Beverly Hills, CA  (6.43 miles)

Westchester, CA  (6.65 miles)

Preuss, CA  (6.71 miles)

Bicentennial, CA  (7.76 miles)

Briggs, CA  (7.76 miles)


Baldwin Hills, CA  (7.84 miles)

West Adams, CA  (7.92 miles)

Topanga, CA  (8.14 miles)

Windsor Hills, CA  (8.15 miles)

El Segundo, CA  (8.15 miles)

Leimert Park, CA  (8.57 miles)

View Park, CA  (8.62 miles)

Crenshaw, CA  (8.67 miles)

Miracle Mile, CA  (8.82 miles)

Inglewood, CA  (8.88 miles)

West Hollywood, CA  (8.90 miles)

La Tijera, CA  (9.34 miles)

Sherman Oaks, CA  (9.44 miles)

Encino, CA  (9.70 miles)

Lennox, CA  (9.73 miles)

Dockweiler, CA  (9.93 miles)

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