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Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
Tim G..
1 out of 5
I took my 2010 SS/RS Camaro there to have a bumper replaced, a wheel repainted and the under carriage repaired from where an animal was hit and tore the front bumper and did some damage to the under carriage, passenger side rocker panel, the frame connector, and wheels, when the incident caused me to go into a small ditch. ****'s Collision has no respect for customers, nor are they a quality body shop. They cut corners on the repairs, if they actually do the repairs. They want to get as many jobs out the door as possible. There is ABSOLUTELY NO quality control on a finished job. In fact the bumper was painted the wrong color........ The car was filthy they hadn't even washed the car. How can you see all the damage on a car that has dirt all over it? My wife who isn't a "car buff" seen the mismatched paint from the other side of the parking lot. The body guy tried to "sell" me that the color was right and the car was wrong......... Told me if we look at it from other angles it wouldn't be noticeable, and if you look at the back of the car that there had been a previous repair, which could have been done at the dealer when it was brought in new. Damage happens all the time in transport. Regardless the rear quarter panel has nothing to do with the front bumper cover. I know from experience that a quality body shop can match a color, and blend the paint so as not to be as noticeable. Whoever put the bumper on the car is either blind or just didn't care that the paint didn't match the rest of the car. All I heard from the body shop was excuses and Brian Talbert the Geico claims adjuster was just as useless. He didn't care about the customer he just made excuses for the body shop. The body shop blamed Brian for not pointing out t what needed to be repaired. My thoughts are, PROTECT YOUR CUSTOMER from low quality work!!!!!! They supposedly broke a set of LED lights on my car. By that I mean I'm not sure if tgey really broke, because they wouldn't show me the old ones. They told me they had thrown them away. The kicker is, they charged my insurance for them!!!!!!! When I ask for my parts back they told me they had thrown the lights and bumper away. All parts are supposed to kept and returned to customer if they want them back. They replaced them with different LEDs that did not match nor were they the right lights. The next day they found my bumper, but had lied to my face when he told me a guy comes to recycle them the day before. The wheels had road rash from the incident but weren't repaired until it was pointed out the 1st time they said it was finished. Then they got over spray on my tires that cost about $500--$600 a piece. I literally had to get on my hands and knees to look under the car to see that the "pinch point" on the body/frame has not been repaired, nor the frame connectors, nor the rocker panels. I called Geico's main number and had them put a stop to all work so I could have the vehicle moved to a quality shop. but did Brian or ****'s listen, NO they went ahead and removed the repainted bumper from the car. Brian actually had the nerve to tell me that the bumpers new and damaged, belongs to Geico....... Guess what they did with the bumper? They stuffed it inside my car! How much more unprofessional could they be! I will be inspecting the inside to make sure there is no scuffs, scratches, rips or tears in the seats, headliner, dash, windows, steering wheel, gear shift boot, ect. I WOULD NOT AND WILL NOT recommend this place to anyone!!!!!! I will never take anything to ****'s Collision again! Do yourself a favor and stay away!!!!!!! Unprofessional, Uncaring, and Unqualified!!!!!!
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Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
Scott S..
1 out of 5
Truck went in for window replacement and came out working and looking excellent. Bad review comes due to project being delayed twice after truck was in possession of browns and ruined 2 days instead of the one. Furthermore once I did receive it back the floormat was removed and never replaced. After talking to a couple of Browns employees.... all I get is jokes from them because it was a Cowboys floormat which was given for xmas from a now passed away relative. I was told that the mat had been in the parking lot and management thought it was funny to run it over which tells me that they acknowledge they had it and lost or threw my personal property away and will not replace it. I would warn anyone thinking of using this company to consider the importance of your possessions. Remove anything that you may want or it may be joked about and tossed to the side. Consider the amount of businesses that do exactly the same work in this area at half the price before you go to one that will not own their own faults and correct them


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