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Important Answers about Car Crash Safety

Test Crash Safety!

At Fix Auto Sun City, located in the city of Sun City, we always like to stay current on all of the breaking news about car safety—which is something that seems to come out every day. Driving safely is still the major reason why there are fewer car accidents—but crashworthy vehicles also save many lives every day. By focusing intently on things such as occupant protection, this helps to cut down the number of fatal and severe injuries that occur in this country every day. In fact, carmakers are making all the correct moves when it comes to car crash safety.

By acutely increasing its research efforts, and dramatically upgrading their test processes for gauging car safety, vehicle manufacturers are pleased to report that safety does not happen strictly by accident! Current research includes new and better vehicle design, safety countermeasures and equipment to enhance occupant safety, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA).

 Did you know that alternative fuel vehicles are safer than cars that run on gas?

The NHTSA reports that alternative cars are now safer than ever, but there is still more testing required. To make certain that alternative fuel vehicles reach a level of safety comparable to that of other conventional vehicles requires in-depth research, due to the huge amount of advanced and unique technologies that have not been tested yet within the personal transportation segment.

 Did you also know that your kids are also safer in today’s newer cars, vans and trucks?

Child safety crashworthiness is better than ever, due to cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive studies conducted by almost all of the car manufacturers in the world. In addition, the NHTSA has been extremely proactive in publicizing child safety by developing new regulations and promoting open communication concerning myriad problems associated with the widespread use of booster seats.

The NHTSA Makes Sure All Drivers are Kept Safe!

 Finally, are your rear seat occupants safer today than previously, according to the NHTSA? 

Front-row driver and passenger protection in frontal crashes has improved due to notable recent developments in restraint performance and vehicle crashworthiness. This movement is driven in part by the manufacturers’ efforts to enhance vehicle scores in crash tests. Passengers in the rear seat have not seen the same improvements when compared to their front seat counterparts. The NHTSA is carefully studying different technologies to more fully understand the potential of these front seat technologies in the rear seat.

Today's cars are so much safer today that crash fatalities are at an all-time low—which is good news for those of us driving throughout AZ. There is more technology in the original moon landing module than there is in many of our modern cars, and much of it has been designed for driver and occupant safety. For example, many of the new Mercedes-Benz models feature more than 130 cameras and sensors! Can you believe that?

But, the human element is still out there on the road—even here in Sun City and all over the state of AZ. So until we can rely 100% on autonomous vehicles, please be safe and drive smart. By knowing that all of the newer cars out there are safer than anything made previously, at least you can rest assured that you're protected by many systems within your vehicle if you own a newer car.  

Sources: NHTSA, Edmunds and Drive

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