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Vehicle Make : Acura
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Seeing how I have been accused of writing a review I figured I would. Sheep Vs Free thinker, ShadeTree Vs. “Shady” Tree. I have recent had 4 interactions with “Shady” Tree. The first was to drop my vehicle off where I was ignored as I told them the problem, and was told they would figure it out. The 2nd interaction was with Tom who I understand to an owner of “Shady” Tree. In the 30 minute phone conversation, the first 25 minutes was about unnecessary repairs, the last 5 minutes was about the real reason why I took my vehicle in. The suggestion by Tom was a mechanical fix to an electrical problem, which I said no to. My 3rd interaction was once again with Tom, where I stopped by just to pay and to pick up my vehicle. I was verbally abused and threatened, all because I did not care to listen to list of repair on a 15 year old vehicle that were unnecessary. My 4th interaction was once again with Tom. I call requesting a refund do to their written policy on “Shady” Trees website. I was told I would get a refunded if I listened to Tom. While listening to Tom I was once again verbal abused and told he did not want me or my vehicle back. He was only interest in the person who refereed me, due to him buying some expensive equipment just to service one vehicle. I was then told by Tom, he would not refund me unless I got with a person who wrote a negative review and have them remove it. Needless to say the 4th interaction showed how truly “Shady” they are. The reviews are mainly good due to extortion, bribery, trash talking a customer to another, prompting a good review from others. In my interaction with Tom and “Shady” tree I have learned that the only customers that he wants are Sheep, who will mindlessly do what he suggests so he can fleece them at his pleasure, with unnecessary repairs. Free thinkers who know their cars should stay away from “Shady” tree. You are not welcome, because you will question Tom and the established order of “Shady” Tree.


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