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Top 5 Italian Car Brands

Known for speed, design and beauty, Italy's love affair with their cars began in 1884 when Enrico Bernardi built a tricycle car that on petrol. The first Italian car was manufactured two years later and then in 1889, Giovannia Agnelli founded Fiat. Today, Italy continues to be one of the top five automobile manufacturers in the world with Fiat dominating the industry in overall sales.

At Richard Karr Collision, we see Italian cars here in Waco and all over TX all the time, so here is our list of the top 5 Italian cars ever made.

Auto Body Review Top Five Italian Car Brands1.) Fiat

 Fiat manufactures a wide variety of sports cars, vans, mid-size trucks and small road vehicles. Everything the company makes is known for its innovation designs and quality construction, and that's why they've captured the European Car of the Year award a dozen times. To accommodate the huge demand for Fiats worldwide, Fiat  has manufacturing facilities in Europe, Africa and several Asian countries.

 2.) Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo made their first car in in Milan 1910 that featured 24 horsepower, which was some major power for the time.  Just one year later, they entered two automobiles into the Targara Florio motor racing exhibition which kicked off a motor racing sponsorship campaign that still exists today. The Alfa Romero Automobile Group manufactured many sports cars during the 1960’s and 1970’s, before being sold to the Fiat Group in 1986. Since then, the company has a plethora of impressive models in production such as the 150, GT, Brera, MiTo, Giulietta, Spider and 8C Spider.

3.) Ferrari

Established in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari, the company is well-known for sponsoring drivers and making winning race cars year after year. In 1947, Ferrari began making road vehicles in an effort to pay for  its racing teams. During this period, Ferrari had great success in the Formula One circuit. In fact, Ferrari is the only team in the world to have consistently competed in the Formula One World Championship without interruption since 1950.

4.) Lamborghini

Opening its doors back in 1963, Automobili Lamborghini was initially a tractor business that utilized leftover military hardware for its structure. By 1955, the company was one of the largest truck manufacturers in Italy, but quickly they began making luxury cars and created Lamborghini. After many years of working with designers to develop their first  car, the Lamborghini 350GTV was born and revealed at the 1963 Turin Motor Show and the rest is history.

5.) Maserati

Established in 1914 as a Grand Prix car for Diatto, Maserati actually began producing road legal automobiles in 1957. This company has a  long and colorful history of reinvention and acquiring other car companies.  Today, Fiat Auto owns Maserati in addition to Alfa Romeo, which they purchased in 2005.  In 1939 and 1940, Maseratis won the Indianapolis 500 which is the only Italian car producer in history to earn this lofty distinction.

We strive to bring you relativecontent from Richard Karr Collision in Waco , TX .

Sources: Drive, Yahoo and Huffington Post

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