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Is Uber Considering Flying Cars?

Remember the Jetsons cartoon series where George Jetson commuted to his job every day with his futuristic flying car? Well, according to the ride-services provider Uber, the future of transportation will include flying cars that will zip around in the skies above major cities.

At  Mr. B's Paint & Body, Inc. , we love to hear about flying vehicles and other cutting-edge innovations that can change the lives of all of us in  Albuquerque ,  NM  and all over the world.

AutoBody-Review is Uber considering flying cars?Uber Technologies, Inc. recently released a report envisioning a future in which commuters can jump onto a small aircraft, take off vertically and within just minutes reach their destinations. Although the first versions of these proposed flying cars will be operated by humans, they will allegedly be autonomous over time, according to the Uber's report.

While only wealthy people will be able to buy these Uber flying cars initially, the company truly believes that they will be affordable within a short period of time. Uber presently offers helicopter rides to commuters in Brazil and soon the company will be hosting a global summit early next year to discuss the future of on-demand aviation. Uber's plan is for the entire planet to have small electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically, in order to cut down on congestion and save time for people with long commutes.

Uber has been exploring self-driving technology for several years now, in the hopes of cutting costs by eliminating the necessity for drivers in its main business of on-demand rides. On-demand air transport is right around the corner and Uber wants to be at the forefront of this emerging industry.

Uber strongly believes that on-demand aviation will be reasonably priced and realizable in the next 10-12 years assuming that effective collaboration between regulators, consumers, communities and manufacturers.

Flying cars just make sense when you stop and think about it. Our roads and highways in this country are constantly in need of maintenance and repair and the U.S. spends literally billions on our roads. By taking to the skies, we will use fewer roads, saving money and hopefully re-purposing newly open real estate for better things--like growing food or creating energy.

So, as Uber further develops this concept, there will undoubtedly be more and more companies lining up to be the pioneers of this movement. I would bet Tesla and Google will be two of the names on that list. Will we ever drive in the skies, like Buck Rodgers or Luke Skywalker? Only time will tell.

We strive to bring you relative content from Mr. B's Paint & Body, Inc. in Albuquerque , NM .

Sources: MSN, CNN and Drive

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