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Vehicle Make : Porsche
Jason C..
1 out of 5
Raul, Carlos and the towing guy are the worst people to use, dont believe anything they say. They had my car for a month the insurance gave them money and didnt do any work. Charged me for storage $2400.00 saying they dont feel comfortable doing the work (what does that mean) and if you dont feel comfortable doing the work after the insurance approved your invoice why are you charging me for storage ??? I called the police to sort everything they ended up charging only $1200.00 for storage! Why? they do nothing!!! Simply dont use them, they are a bnch of crooks and dont deserve anyones business....
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Vehicle Make : Mazda
Mary E..
1 out of 5
I originally sent my car to lehmann mazda for the repairs since it was my first lease and I had never dealt with a lease but know the repairs have to meet standards. Lehmann Mazda for some reason sent the car out to this body shop. This Body shop had my car for over 2 months. They never would call me to give updates and gave me attitude when I called to find out about the car stating we already told you the parts are nationally back ordered. My insurance USAA couldn’t do much cause it’s not one of their shops. They finally tell me the car is ready and I go on Wednesday April 29th and the area that should have been fixed still had a scratch and scuff mark. You would think after over 2 months the car would be perfect. It was not. I didn’t go alone. I went with my fiancé so he is witness of this among this one guy at the shop that we showed the marks to. Later that afternoon when I complain to the insurance and dealership for sending my car there, the body shop lies and tells them I didn’t want to take the car that morning cause it was raining but that it had nothing. That they are repainting the car just in case. Which makes absolutely no sense? Mind you USAA can vouch for everything. They have notes and recordings of many conversations. I call the body shop outraged and speak to RAUl and say I am coming in to take pictures of my car cause they lied that i didn’t take it cause it was raining. He states I cannot come in that I can come in when they finish painting the car and hangs up on me. So i have to call my insurance to find out when they are done. They tell me Friday morning. I go Friday morning and the car has new scratches that the car didnt have before that look intentional. My fiancé and i go off on the guy and he states he won’t fix them but lies to my insurance on a recorded conversation that he will but doesn't realize I have my insurance on the line over hearing him screaming at me and disrespecting me and saying he won’t. He begins to threaten that he will call the cops because my fiancé got mad and told him he was too scared to come outside and see the new marks. Raul won’t tell me his title and says those marks were there before he has pictures but won’t show me the pictures and states they have computer issues at the moment. I say those marks were not there 2 days ago and its impossible they were there before because I only had the car one day shy of 3 weeks before the accident and it had no marks before because I was extremely cautious. He won’t show me the pictures to back up his bs theory but states to leave the car because they will eventually get it right. I ask for something in writing. In writing he admits to one of the new scratches but not all of them. After having to miss two days of work, the drama and the stress, the fact they are unreliable and do **** work you would understand that i didnt want to leave it there with them again. I therefore pay him the deductible and tell him I will come back but I dont. I have pictures of the scratches taken on his premises showing the new scratches therefore it wasnt done after i left. The dealership is currently inspecting if they did all the work they said they did. This experience has caused me emotional distress and made me lose work wages for two days. USAA can vouch for all this. This is absurd. I don’t want future clients to have to face what i faced. No one deserves to go thru the experience i have been thru. I have wasted so much time of my life for over 2 months with this company. They dont deserve to remain in business. Eventually getting it right is not a sufficient excuse. It should be right the first time it shouldnt take over two times to get it right. They are shady, disrespectful, and dishonest and if I had known and done my research I would have never let the dealer send it there. I want the pictures they supposedly have cause if they are not willing to pay partial deductible back I want to take them to court. I have in writing raul admitting to **** scratch. Stay away from this place. You’re better off fixing the repairs for yourself
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