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Teresa K..
1 out of 5
I had the worst experience with Vann York Paint & Body ever!! The lack of communication and follow through from the staff was inexcusable. I can guarantee that I will never do business with this company ever again. I’ve shared my utter frustration and experience with my insurance agent and he was quite apologetic and as appalled as I am and assured me that he will no longer recommend Vann York to future clients of his. I took my vehicle in on 3/27/17 for front end repairs. I was told the work would take 3 days, so I reserved a rental car and left my car in what I thought was good hands. Boy was I wrong! I called Vann York on the 3/30/17 to find out the status of my car. I spoke to Roger**** and was told that “there were priority jobs ahead of yours” and my vehicle had not even been started on yet!!! You’re kidding me right? Did you not think to call your customer and let them know? While my car may not be a priority to you, it is how I make my living and is a very large priority to me! Roger told me that it was looking like it would be ready on Monday, 4/3/17. I heard nothing until I initiated a call yet again on 4/5/17 to find out where my vehicle was. I was told that they found more damage and were waiting for the adjuster to call them back and come out to take pictures, etc. I completely understand that there are times that damage cannot be seen until further parts are removed. That was never an issue in this debacle of an experience! The issue is that when I called the insurance agent (because Roger made it sound like their hands were tied “waiting on the adjuster”), I find out they had just called Farm Bureau that day. Remember, this is now 2 more days after the latest guess of when they thought my vehicle would be ready. I called again on 4/7/17 and was quite rudely told by Roger that “I told you I would call you when your vehicle is ready”. Are you kidding me? You haven’t called me one time to update me on the status and expect me to have confidence in your ability to communicate with me at all? At this point, his best guess is Monday 4/10/17. But no…there’s more! I call Vann York on 4/12/17 at 8:14 and struggle to reach anyone in management, was told that Rick is who can help me. I leave a voicemail for him explaining my frustration, the fact that a holiday is this weekend and I need my vehicle back before then and can he please find out what is going on. Unbelievably, he did not have the courtesy to even return my call. At 3:03 I get a curt voicemail from Roger advising me that my vehicle is now ready to come pick up. TWO AND A HALF WEEKS LATER!!!! I strongly urge anyone considering Vann York Paint & Body for any kind of repairs to tell their insurance agent “NO” and refuse to subject themselves to this joke of a business. As I told the Body Shop Manager Jack Keeling, my experience was disrespectful, quite avoidable, completely ridiculous and Vann York would be wise to remember that the biggest impact you can have on a customer’s experience is proper customer service and adequate communication. Both of which I saw not a shred of from this company.


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