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How to Avoid Parking Tickets

No one likes getting a parking ticket and that's why all of us at Service King Lake Forest want to offer some tips about how to avoid them. Here in Lake Forest and throughout CA, parking tickets aren't cheap, so follow these simple rules to save money and aggravation.

Parking Tickets!Do Not Park for More than 72 hours

In the U.S., the maximum on-street parking time limit in nearly every city is 72 hours. If you let your car sit beyond that period, you can be cited and your car can be towed. In addition, street construction and other special events can sometimes require you to move your vehicle to another street with as little as 24 hours’ notice, so it’s a good idea to check your vehicle every day.

Always Check for Parking Signs

Before parking a vehicle, always look in both directions for any parking signs, and check the curb to see if there are any curb-color markings. In almost every city, streets have street cleaning signs that limit parking on certain days of the month.

Curb Your Wheels

If the grade of a street is in excess of 3%, a vehicle’s wheels must be curbed so that if the vehicle were to roll, it would move toward the adjacent sidewalk curb. The curb would then help to stop the vehicle from rolling further. When parking uphill, turn the steering wheel toward the street (a little trick is to think ‘Up, up and away!’). When parking on a downhill street, turn steering wheel toward the sidewalk.

Do Not Block Driveways

A driveway begins at the curb cut, or the point at which the curb begins to slope downward toward street level. A vehicle parked within curb cuts can be cited and towed. Even partial infringements into the driveway area can result in an expensive tow.

Do Not Park on SidewalksParking Signs

A vehicle parked on any part of a sidewalk can be cited for a sidewalk violation. A sidewalk citation can be given even if the pedestrian travel path is partly clear or if the vehicle is parked across a driveway.

Respect All Posted Time Limits

After exceeding the parking time limit on a street, avoid parking on the same block while the time limit is still in effect that day. A vehicle can be cited for a time limit violation even if its owner moved the vehicle from one side of the same block to the other.

Use Commercial Yellow Zones Correctly

Special truck-only loading zones can only be used by commercial trucks with six or more wheels. Non-commercial vehicles can be cited and towed if parked these zones.

Use Passenger White Zones Correctly

Vehicles may stop in a white zone for active loading or unloading passengers for up to five minutes. The effective times of a white zone are posted with a sign or stenciled on the curb markings. Do not leave a vehicle unattended at a white zone or it may be cited.

If you can follow these basic directives and stay vigilant on checking on your vehicle while parked on the street, you'll avoid parking tickets. At Service King Lake Forest, we know that parking tickets can ruin even a sunny day, so be aware and know your local laws and stay ticket-free all the time!

Sources: SF SFTMA, NHTSA and Wikipedia

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