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Toughest and Most Laid Back States for Offending Drivers

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Depending on where you live in the USA, you should be careful and always opt for a designated driver if you're drinking. At Patrick BMW Collision Repair, located in Schaumburg, we want everyone safe every time they get into a vehicle anywhere in the country, so we take the concept of drinking while driving seriously.

But, did you know that states like Maryland, for example, is one of the country's most lenient states when it comes to such enforcement? Did you also know that based on a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American drivers spend more than 18 hours weekly in their vehicles, which comes out to more than 17% of all their waking hours?

Since we all have an interest in keeping the roads safe, we are featuring some information that an organization called WalletHub recently released in a comprehensive analysis of 2016's Strictest & Most Lenient States on High-Risk Drivers, in which they identified the states that are most serious about ensuring the well-being of motorists.

WalletHub 2016 Study

WalletHub looked carefully at every state to assess how tough states are on things such as drunk driving, speeding, and irresponsible driving violations as well as the equivalent increases in insurance rates that high-risk drivers can anticipate.

High-risk drivers in Connecticut face the most significant increases in their insurance premiums (99% on average), while those in Michigan will experience the smallest increases (30% on average).

Delaware is the toughest state when it comes to thoughtless drivers, with prolonged minimum jail terms for both first and second offenders (10 and 30 days, respectively). Seven states (including Pennsylvania and Ohio) are also harsh on offenders, with no minimum sentences. Arizona is the most unsympathetic state for DUI criminal penalties, and Maryland is the most lenient.

Concerned about the amounts of the fines in each state? The average fine for a first drunk driving offense is $347 in Washington, DC, while in Denver, Colorado, it's around just $220 for an initial DUI.

Iowa is the most unforgiving state in the country when it comes to excessive speed, relying heavily on speed cameras, cracking down on racers and using absolute speed limits while Texas and Utah tie for most easygoing when it comes to infractions committed on the road.

Sources: NHTSA, WalletHub and

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