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How you match my existing paint at 1stCertified Collision Center - San Bernardino in San Bernardino,CA?

When we need to have our cars or trucks repaired in San Bernardino, we want three things, A quick repair, a quality safe repair, and we want it to look like it has never been in an accident. In order for that to happen the paint job has to be as good as or better than the factory paint job.


One question that we get all the time here at 1stCertified Collision Center - San Bernardino in San Bernardino CA is how do we ensure that the new paint is going to match your old paint. Any by that, I mean how do we guarantee that the color will match to the point where you cannot tell that the car was ever repaired.

Perhaps I have a trained eye, or maybe I am looking for these things since I work in this industry, but I can spot a mismatched paint job every time I see one in traffic or in a San Bernardino parking lot. Just recently a nearly new Cadillac pulled up next to me at an intersection here in San Bernardino and the gold paint on the front door and fender was clearly a full shade or two darker than the rest of the car. It was as if the front half of the car was a totally different color than the back half, and you really noticed it where the front door met the rear door. It was so painfully obvious to me that I am surprised the owner did not notice when he picked up his Caddy.

This Cadillac driver is not alone. I see these mistakes almost every day in and around San Bernardino. Why is that? Because it is actually very difficult to get a perfect paint match if you do not repaint the whole car. And most insurance companies will not pay to have your whole car painted, and most customers lack the funds to finish painting the whole car. In fact custom car painters will paint a car fully assembled because even painting the fenders off the car could alter the paint match from the rest of the car.

So how does our paint shop match the color properly on your car here at 1stCertified Collision Center - San Bernardino in San Bernardino?

Click here to continue reading how we match your car’s paint color perfectly at 1stCertified Collision Center - San Bernardino.

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