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Our Top 5 Road Trips in France

Thinking about your vacations this year? Maybe it is time to say "Oui" to France. And if you do, you might want to travel on one of these beautiful roadways in France as you visit this incredible country.

Nearly every road in France can be considered scenic. With beautiful landscapes, interesting architecture and an abundance of galleries and museums, you’ll surely be entertained. Stop along the way to eat in one of the quaint villages. Bon appétit!

From Prestige Bodyworks, here is our list of the Top Five Road Trips, French-style, for folks who are thinking about getting out of Oxnard, CA this summer.

1.) Cote d’Azur​: Known for spectacular weather and gorgeous scenery, the Cote d’Azur in the south of France is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From St. Tropez to Monte Carlo, which covers most of the Cote d’Azur, it takes about our top 5 road trips in France three hours to drive along the windy roads on the coast. You’ll pass world-famous destinations—Cannes, Monaco, Antibes and Nice—where the rich and famous are known to travel. Over a few days you can easily explore the area, which includes luxury boutiques, white sandy beaches and hilltop towns.

2.) Route des Grandes Alpes: Although driving through the French Alps can be challenging, it is sure to be memorable. Envision panoramic views of Alpine towns, forests and glaciers. The 460-mile route begins near Lake Geneva in Switzerland, and the journey finishes in the beautiful town of Menton. You’ll have the opportunity to stop at mountain towns while driving through passes that are some of the highest in the Alps. Most are closed during winter and begin reopening in spring. They are completely open from June until October.

3.) Route du Médoc: A trip to France isn’t complete without visiting classic wine country. Wine lovers won’t want to miss Route du Medoc. Along France’s D2 highway, there are rows and rows of vineyards. It takes about 90 minutes to drive through without stopping. You’ll see a variety of architectural styles including medieval forts with moats and Renaissance palaces. If you plan to visit any wineries, don’t forget to call ahead.

4.) Nice to Toulouse: For art lovers, a road trip from Nice to Marseille and Toulouse might be worth considering. Starting out in Nice, you’ll see an array of galleries. A couple of hours away is Marseille, an art city with lively bars and restaurants. Just 20 miles north is Aix-en-Provence where you can visit the studio and home of Paul Cézanne. Heading west, you’ll reach Arles where Vincent van Gogh painted 150 works before he died. Further west, is Toulouse and the Romanesque Basilique St-Sernin. The ceiling of the church inspired Salvador Dali's painting, Santiago Grande.

5.) Normandy: Just a few hours away from Paris, Normandy is a road trip for those who love history as well as a stunning coastal drive. Not only will you see landmarks and monuments tied into the Middle Ages and World War II, but you’ll also travel through Honfleur, a town that inspired painters such as Claude Monet. You’ll also visit the D-Day Beaches where the Allies landed during WWII. Wherever you decide to go, it is sure to be a memorable journey.

Sources: VIA, Sunset Magazine and AAA

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