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5 Car Brands with Best Interiors

When researching vehicles, we often look at the horsepower, gas mileage, pricing and safety ratings. But what about the vehicle’s interior? For the most part, comfortable seating, spaciousness, high-end materials and a luxurious feel are all components of a great car interior.

Here are five brands that experts all agree have the best interiors. At B & E Automotive Services, we see all of these vehicles in Virginia Beach, VA as they drive by, but we rarely get a glimpse at their impressive insides.  

1.) BMW

BMW is known for luxury, but the interior of the 740i sets a new standard. In addition to reclining seats and footstools, each passenger has a touchscreen display. Not only are there built-in massagers and individualized heating and cooling systems, but the vehicle also has the capability to adjust the ambient lighting. As part of the vehicle’s “Ambient Air Package,” you can also choose from eight different scents-- the BMW encompasses the driver experience from all angles and all senses. 

2.) Bentley Bentayga

Said to be the world’s most expensive SUV, the Bentayga also has an incredible interior with handcrafted wood and leather. Known for its opulence, the vehicle includes massager seats, an "infotainment" system and a fold-out leather bench. The Mulliner Hamper -- a high-end picnic basket optimized for the backseat of the car-- includes a refrigerator, fine china set and a food storage area. Have the custom-made interior of your Hamper engraved with your family's last name or official seal, and you're ready to roadtrip through the Swiss Alps in no time.

3.) Land Rover

In an upscale Land Rover SUV, off-roading takes on a new meaning. With spacious and comfortable seating, the British vehicle includes high-end materials such as genuine leather, wood and aluminum. The 2017 model also has a 10-inch touch screen. The SVAutobiography DYNAMIC model takes rugged luxury to an entirely new level. The vehicle includes a bottle chiller compartment, folding tables, massage seats and footrests for back passengers.

4.) Mercedes-Benz

In the Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury midsize vehicle, you’ll find a roomy cabin space with ample legroom in the back. Known for its great attention to detail, the E-Class includes high-end walnut and ash trim and a large 12.3-inch infotainment display. The car manufacturer also offers an air purification system and a fragrance option. The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman has four reclining seats in back and even comes with pillows. Inside, you’ll also find accent lighting with 300 LED bulbs. True to its reputation, the Mercedes-Benz standard is definitely upheld in every aspect of the car's interior. 

5.) Rolls Royce

It’s nearly impossible to compile a list of the best car interiors without including Rolls Royce. The Rolls Royce Phantom offers an interior option called Serenity. Along with Arctic White leather seats, this interior option is adorned with handwoven, hand-dyed silk. According to the car manufacturer, each car panel—reminiscent of a Japanese garden—took about 600 hours of work to create. 

Sources:, Wikipedia and TIME

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