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Don't Be a Fool, Consider Traffic School

Traffic school, which is also known in many states as a defensive driving curriculum isn't the most trendy way to spend your spare time, even though there are a lot of benefits for attending a traffic school.

At J & M Auto Body, we know that everyone can get a ticket, but in pretty much every part of the country (including here in San Diego, CA) traffic school is an attractive alternative for many people.

From alleviating ticket fines to offsetting those dreaded points from your driving record, it's vital to know how a traffic school can benefit you as a driver.

Reduce Ticket Fines

You made a mistake, but don't dwell on it. Unfortunately, mistakes that are made behind the wheel can often be quite expensive, with heavy ticket fines, court fees, increased insurance premiums and many other possible expenses.

In some states, however, your traffic court may be willing to reduce your fines if you consent to taking a traffic school class. Prior to your court appearance, be sure to contact the court clerk to find out whether or not if traffic school is a possibility in your situation. Always research traffic schools in your region and the different options they offer.

Improve Your Driving Record

Yes, you got caught speeding, but now don't let it tarnish your good driving record as a result. Depending on what your state allows, traffic school can help you to either prevent or offset damaging points added to your driving record because of a traffic ticket.

This benefit is especially helpful, because most insurance companies will use your driving record to determine your rates. Even a single violation can cause a huge spike in your insurance premiums. So, by successfully enrolling in traffic school, you might be able to keep your points to a minimum, or eliminate them completely.

Improve Insurance Rates

Traffic tickets aren't the only reason to take traffic school, because  most insurance companies will incentivize drivers to take a defensive driving course by offering discounts on your premiums upon successful completion.

To find out, check out your insurance company's web site or give your insurance agent a call to find out if you can benefit from attending traffic school.

If you can go to traffic school after getting any moving violation, do it without hesitation, because it will save you money, reduce the number of points on your record and obtain valuable information about being a better and safer driver in the future.

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