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Vehicle Make : Nissan
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I'm going to keep it plain and simple Goads did a excellent job painting my car but the color did not match it was one shade maybe two shades off, I showed them how much it was off and they gave me a runaround big time, what good is a paint job if it doesn't match, they wanted to clear coat to try and fix their mess up, I disagreed with that decision, clearcoat would not color match I wanted an estimate to fix the rest of the car which wasn't much left, they painted the whole passenger side front fenders hood and front bumper, my side did not match with the fender on my side, the top did not either, I told them I would either pay half or full price if they painted the rest of the car they told me that most men were 50% colorblind that the color was fine so I just decided to find someone else to finish what they done, very unhappy but yet happy, happy that the paint job looks good unhappy that it does not match and I had to argue up and down but oh well lesson learned,I had also heard from two or three other people that Goads also painted their vehicle and the color did not match they also we're not going back I decided to take a chance and again lesson learned


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