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Vehicle Make : Acura
Cheryl F..
1 out of 5
HORRIBLE WORKMANSHIP! I went there as instructed by my insurance company to have repairs done to the front end of my Acura after an accident. I was told by Richie that it would take 2 weeks - 4 MONTHS LATER I finally said it's good enough. It didn't take 4 months because they discovered additional damage, it took 4 months for two reasons....Richie forgot to order a part and/or he was trying to be cheap and ordered after market parts which in turn didn't fit/work. This is not a guess, it's a fact. After 4 months, the reveal of the hood was not lined up correctly and the grill in the front did not match. Richie replaced the bumper portion of the grill with a chrome/shiny finish, however the portion that was on the hood (that wasn't replaced) was a matted finish, so it didn't match. When I took it back in to have him fix these issues he "fixed" the reveal - which STILL wasn't lining up correctly and he didn't even attempt to fix the grill. When I explained the grill to him again he said well that's because that's the part I replaced, I didn't touch the hood...I told him I understood that, but when you make repairs to a car, you repair it to it's original condition. In this case, the original grill was a matted finish, and he replaced part of it with a shiny finish, so it didn't match. After 4 months of dealing with the nonsense, I said "it's good enough". I painted over the grill so you couldn't tell and the reveal of the hood was bad, but I could live with it. Now, flash forward less than a year and the headlight they replaced is holding water. Since there wasn't enough space above the headlight because the lining wasn't correct the headlight is popping out and water/condensation is building inside the headlight. I refused to take it back to Bob Steele because if they would have taken care of it properly in the first place, this never would have happened. So I took it to another shop that I trusted and they were working to fix it. When they were under the hood they realized BOB STEELE NEVER FINISHED THE WELDS AFTER THEIR REPAIRS AND THE BRACKETS THEY USED TO MOUNT THE RADIATOR WERE ALL WRONG!! This could have led to MAJOR issues down the road - the whole inside of my car could have rusted out on me due to them not finishing the welds. Thankfully this new body shop caught it and called Bob Steele out on the workmanship. If I could attach pictures, I would. I could go on and on about my experience with Bob Steele. Unsatisfied is an understatement. DO NOT GO TO BOB STEELE'S BODY SHOP!!! Richie is a joke and the quality of work that comes out of their shop is horrible.


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