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Vehicle Make : Lexus
Stephanie J..
1 out of 5
Run away from this place fast!!! The building looks fancy but they do shoddy work. I brought my vehicle in there after it was hit. I was hit in the back. The trunk started leaking. Honestly, I cant say that I remember exactly when the trunk started leaking but it wasn't until after they "repaired" it. They give a lifetime warranty but trust and believe that they are going to find every way possible to back out of it. First they tried to tell me that the car was declared a total loss so that's why the trunk was leaking. Really???? Now I took another car there that was declared a total loss maybe a year earlier but the car that's there now IS NOT. And if the car you're looking at now was declared a total loss you know darn well you would've done more to repair it than the $1600 receipt says because you are expensive!!! Nice try though. So after they weren't able to wiggle out of the "lifetime warranty" that way they told me that the car was hit before I owned it. Hold on, now that I remember, they first suggested that it was damaged after they made their repairs. To which I say well that's impossible because that was the last wreck I was in. Then they proceeded to say that it was maybe hit before I owned it. Funny thing that if it was hit before I owned it, I had never experienced the trunk leaking before you touched it. I guess I should have contacted the previous owner to find out who fixed it then. Bottom Line is this, THE TRUNK WASN'T LEAKING BEFORE YOU "REPAIRED" IT. NOW YOU'RE TRYING TO BACK OUT OF THE LIFETIME WARRANTY. They had no intention of honoring the Lifetime Warranty. I believe their plan was to bounce around until they found an excuse they were happy with. The only restitution they offered was to have my husband come by and look at the damage. At this point I'm like ok wow yea let me come pick up my vehicle ... CHECK THEM OUT WITH THE BBB, OH THAT'S RIGHT THEY'RE NOT BBB ACCREDITED.


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