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A New Heads Up Display For Mazda 6

A New Heads Up Display For Mazda 6

The heads up display is by no means a new technology. Introduced in the 70's for use in aviation, it made its way into the automotive world in 1988 with the Oldsmobile Cutlass. Many advances have been made since, but the current pinnacle rests firmly within the 2018 Mazda 6 2.5T. 

The goal of Mazda's Active Driving Display is to "cocoon the driver to minimize distractions." The term Mazda uses for this experience is "Jinba Ittai," or the symbiotic relationship between horse and rider. As strange as the concept may sound in regard to an automotive experience, there is no denying that Mazda has added features that keep a driver's eyes facing forward to get pertinent information.

Matthew Valbuena, Mazda's human-machine interface and infotainment engineer stated in a recent release: 
"Mazda's human-centered engineering process is focused on supporting the driver; and the in-vehicle technology is designed to minimize visual, cognitive, and manual distractions. From the beginning, the content provided with the Active Driving Display was always focused on the driver's most important task- the act of driving, which is why all of the content is driving related."

The Active Driving Display focuses solely on driving related information without the clutter of notifying the driver of incoming calls or entertainment-based information. It includes information such as the current speed and the speed limit for the road you're on. If you exceed the speed limit, a small red box pops up.

It will also give you an indication when you are passing or being passed on the sides to eliminate blind spot errors. It will detect and alert the driver to upcoming stop signs as well.

Some really innovative features include a brake warning system that will alert the driver when they're not braking fast enough or their response time is slow.

Other valuable information such as lane departure warnings and one-way street warnings are also included. 

With an MSRP of only $34,750 this puts Mazda in a great position to capitalize on a reputation for safety while maintaining their focus on quality and affordability.

With such features in place, we at Service King North Hollywood in North Hollywood, CA can't wait to see what they'll have to offer in the future!

Written By: Todd Hendrickson

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