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Vehicle Make : Nissan
Aspen C..
1 out of 5
SUMMARY: I will not use Gerber again. I will not recommend Gerber. I will recommend and use ABRA which is just down the street. Let's start at the estimate. It said my car would need to be here for 13 days to repair it. Okay that's fine. I call up (after all my parts had been ordered and arrived) to schedule a day to bring my car in. I am a VERY busy college student (Aerospace Engineering major at CU), with my most busy days being at the beginning of the week. Friday, however, I only have one class in the morning. Silly me, I asked to bring my car in on a Friday. I was told by Kim (receptionist?) that that would not work because that would mean that my car would have to be there for two weekends and that the insurance company really frowned upon that (however, when I had my car repaired by ABRA, which is just down the street, a few months ago, they had no issue with me dropping it off on a Friday). I asked about Thursday. Kim said that wouldn't work either. Kim then told me that the only days I could bring my car in were Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (of any week). Well, I really don't have any free time on any of these days until about December but I reluctantly scheduled to bring it in on a Wednesday morning before class. Slightly annoying but whatever, I'll make it work. Then, not even a week later I get a call and e-mail saying the car is done and I can pick it up. Cool. I show up on a Tuesday afternoon (the day I am writing this review). We go out to the car and the hubcaps were not replaced. Not a big deal; it's not critical to the car working but the estimate said they would be replaced. Naturally I questioned them about it. They said since the current hubcaps weren't stock hubcaps that they didn't replace it because it wouldn't have matched the other ones. Okay. They offered to go to the auto store and buy hubcaps for me (they're cheaper there than what Nissan charges for **** hubcap) and that I could come back and they would replace them really quick. Then I get in my car and before driving off I need to adjust the seat and various mirrors. The electronics controlling the mirror on the side of the car that Gerber had been working on (right side) didn't work. I was pretty annoyed at this point and had recognized how disorganized Gerber was, so I decided to just let it be because I'm really sick of dealing with getting my car fixed. I can still adjust the mirror with my hand. The marketing rep. that I had talked to when I picked my car up called me about 15 minutes after I drove away to ask what size my wheels were (for the hubcaps) and I informed her over the phone that this electronic component to control the mirror was not working. She said that they would fix it when I brought my car in to replace the hubcaps. So now I'm inconvenienced again, I have to bring my car there again, when it all should have been fixed when I brought it in the first time. Maybe instead of rushing to get things done, you should take your time to make sure that everything on the car that needed to be fixed, was fixed. The estimate said it would need 13 days. They told me it was done when my car wasn't even there a week, but it wasn't even fixed properly. On the other hand, Enterprise was wonderful. They provided my rental for both repairs and I have not had any problems with them. If you can, get Megan, she is really nice :) Conclusion: I will not use Gerber again. I will not recommend Gerber. I will recommend and use ABRA which is just down the street.
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Vehicle Make : Hyundai
Yulia R..
2 out of 5
I usually never bother to write a review unless it is REALLY good or, like in this case, REALLY bad. My car was in a minor accident. A passenger door needed to be replaced as well as hubcab on the same side. Insurance covered everything fully. After 10 days in the shop we were called that the car was ready. woohoo, I thought! Not so fast... The inside of the replaced door started quite literally fall apart right away while the door was getting stuck and would not open. I called them and they told me to bring the car in. Turned out they did not clip the inside part of the door properly. So after this additional trip to them the car was now REALLY ready to go. Or so I thought. The inside of the door started to fall apart AGAIN the very next day. Calling them back and once again being asked to bring the car in...AGAIN. Go there and I guess the clips were still not done correctly. So they fixed it once again. Over all they behaved like this is just normal part of the deal. Fine, NOW the car if really ready, right? Wrong! I so did not expect them to miss a PAID piece of job that I never really looked too carefully at the hubcab; I just assumed it was fixed since this part of the job was fully paid for. With two little kids I usually am always rushing somewhere, so it took me sometime to notice that they FORGOT to replace the hubcab!! (to be more exact, it is my 7yo daughter who noticed it first: "Mom look, they STILL did not fix that!". Calling the insurance company, they confirmed that this part of the job was fully paid for. Calling Gerber and again with impression like this is normal they tell me to bring the car in AGAIN. Are you kidding me?! How is it possible to miss a paid part of the job?! At this point I was already past anger and frustration, I felt like a part of a comedy movie, where they assured me that the new door would be at least as good as my old one, yet it started falling apart and getting stuck the next day after I picked up the car. Continuing falling apart after an additional trip to them. And then turned out that a part of the job was never done at all. Unbelievable! I've never had such a lousy experience. The woman who runs it, Angela, was always nice and that is the only reason I rated it as two stars, not one. Other than that, maybe women shouldn't run car repair places!.. (and that comes from a woman who very much believes in female power, being a passionate advance martial artist and kicking guy's butts on a regular basis. But I feel like this particular car repair place turned me into a sexist and a firm believer that there are some areas and fields that women need to stay away from). Never again.


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