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Vehicle Make : Fiat
Maverick P..
1 out of 5
We had our car repaired at Caliber Collision in Boerne. When we picked up our car they told us that the owners manual got grease on it from the mechanics and they would order us a new one. I also noticed a water stain on both front car mats. I pointed this out to Greg who was handling our repair in case we had any electrical problems later down the road. He said he would note our observation. Our roof and window had to be replaced due to a sign falling off a building and landing on our car. Not only was the owners manual missing, but also the car insurance info, registration, and maintenance records. I believe that the car was left outside in the rain. 9 months later the navigation system and radio had to be replaced. Lucky for us it was still under warranty at the dealership because I think it would have taken an act of Congress to get it fixed by Caliber. I have visited the body shop 6 times to check on the owners manual, which also has a DVD with it, and keep getting the run around. The last time they said it had arrived, but they could not find it and that rather then have me wait that they would call me that day. It's been 2 months now and have not heard a word and I'm tired of going over there. I would not trust this body shop to do another repair for me and think anybody should beware before they take their vehicle there
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Vehicle Make : Mercedes Benz
Carpenter M..
1 out of 5
Long story short - almost a year ago I was rear-ended by a woman distracted by her cellphone and she ended up causing in excess of $23k in damages to my 2012 e350 Bluetec. I have had numerous issues with the quality of the repair job performed by Caliber Collision to the point that I have had to make seven follow-up visits for post-repair work on the vehicle. Just a few of the fit and finish issues that needed correction: rear passenger door was not properly centered and as a result air would bleed into the cabin when the vehicle was moving at a high rate of speed; the chrome trim that runs along the top of the doors was not properly seated after the car was re-assembled (in the included link you will see a picture of how far off the trim was compared to a spec e350 shown in another photo in the set. It took four visits to Caliber before a tech finally corrected the issue); a beetle was able to crawl inside my rear tail light and die.. nothing of that size should be able to squeeze into a properly assembled rear light on a vehicle; the interior rear-passenger door trim no longer rests flush in the door well. Despite several attempts to correct this issue the rubber seals still jut out in certain areas. The issue that has given me the most headaches as of late though is the quality of the paint job on the rear of the vehicle post-crash. In certain lighting conditions the paint looks unevenly applied on the trunk and the rear quarter panels. The best way to describe this problem would be to call it the "sponge effect." While one area may be darker in appearance and contain a small amount of metallic flake, the area directly next to it is lighter but has a higher concentration of metal in the finish. I took the car to Caliber on June 1st to have the issues with the paint corrected. Caliber had a representative from their paint supplier come out in person and look at the vehicle. The rep determined that that all of the repaired surfaces would need to be repainted. 22 days later (today) I came to pick up my car only to find that the quality of the paint job is still poor and to make matters worse there are areas in the paint where I can see buff marks and smearing under the clear coat. I have no clue what to do at this point as I fear that every time I let a technician at Caliber touch my car they will only manage to worsen its condition rather than improve it. Here is a link to a few photos with captions attached.


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