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Wearing Seat Belt Saves Lives

Recent Study Proves Something Most Of Us Knew:

Wearing Seat Belt Saves Lives

Many of us have heard "fiend of a friend" stories about how their car rolled over and they were thrown to safety because they weren't wearing their seat belt. I'm sure a few of these stories floating around are true, too. Still, a little basic math applied to the figures from recent studies show conclusively that it's far safer to buckle up before every trip.

The easiest piece to correlate was in regard to death statistics. The math shows that a person is forty times more likely to die in an auto crash while not wearing a seat belt then those who are.

Roughly one in twenty-five unrestrained motorists in a crash will die. Only one in every thousand motorists wearing their seat belt becomes a fatality in an accident. That equals a whopping 40:1 ratio. 

The numbers become astronomical when looking at cases of ejected motorists. Your chance of fatality if you're ejected during a crash shoots up to 337 the rate of those still in a car. The overall conclusion is that the easiest way to prevent serious injury or death from an automobile accident remains the trusty seat belt.

We at Gabe's Collision Service of Buffalo, NY strive to provide informative and entertaining content.

Written By: Todd Hendrickson

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