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Top 5 Rock Star Super Cars

At  Gabe's Collision Service, we love that rock and roll music and we also love cars in Buffalo, NY. Whatever you drive or listen to, rock and roll and cars have been connected in multiple ways for many years. So, here is our list of Top 5 Rock Star Super Cars:

1.)  John Lennon's Psychedelic Rolls Royce: Lennon was torn and this car is a perfect example of that. How paradoxical is it to paint your vehicle in a free loving, psychedelic hippy way, but then make it a Rolls Royce? In a way, this was Lennon's way of flipping off society, by saying hey--I can own this expensive luxury car, but I'm going to paint it with a peace message because I can.

2.) Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" Hot Rod: If it wasn't tawdry enough to commission a garish yellow hot rod with additional room in the back for additional groupies, Van Halen went and put the name of their single on the side of this vehicle. Sure, it was tacky, but I don't think Eddie Van Halen or David Lee Roth really cared about what people thought about this rebellious band.

3.) The Monkeemobile: The Monkeemobile: Cool TV and movie car designer Dean Jeffries built the Monkeemobile back in 1966, but it still looks awesome today. He took two Pontiac GTO convertibles for this project, because the car manufacturer was sponsoring Monkees TV show. It's a fake vehicle that was made for a fake band, but everything was crazy like that in the groovy ‘60s.

4.) ZZ Top's Eliminator: ZZ Top built pretty much the fundamental hot rod for a generation with this sleek and sexy ride. With blinding chrome and the tasty candy apple red paint, blondes caught everyone's attention as they stepped out of the vehicle in every video they produced. Today, it's still a major start appearing in car shows all over the planet.

5.) Elton John's Golf Cart:  While this isn't actually an automobile, it surely deserves a mention here. Undoubtedly every time Elton John stepped into this amazing creation, he was already wearing ridiculously large hats and sunglasses. Just to be very certain that everyone knew this it was Elton John when he drove by in A pure gold golf cart, he added some bells and whistles to eliminate any doubt.

Sources: Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and VIBE


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