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Beer Spill Makes Las Vegas Freeway Soggy and Foamy

AutoBody-Review beer spill makes las vegas freeway soggy and foamyWe have heard about oil spills, chicken feathers on the road and even one tanker that spilled gallons and gallons of milk on the highway, but at Gabe's Collision Service, this is the first one we've ever heard involving America's most popular adult beverage--beer!

A Nevada State trooper received a surprise shower of suds and foam recently when a passing beer truck lost its load of beer all over him during a routine traffic stop in Sin City. According to TV Station KSNV, Trooper Travis Smaka pulled over a speeding vehicle on Interstate 15 in Las Vegas and nothing seemed unusual at the time. Sticking his head through the passenger side window, the trooper shined his light into the vehicle and saw a carload of what looked like late night revelers. It's an uncommon sight in Vegas, so Smaka asked a logical question.

"You guys have anything alcoholic to drink tonight?" he asked when a truckload of beer coincidentally tipped over. "Just as I was asking them, I heard that dreadful sound that always gets my neck hairs standing up. It is brakes locking up and it never means anything good," Smaka told KSNV.

The trooper glanced up just as beer truck began skidding down the freeway and spilling cases of beer all over all four lanes. Smaka, the vehicle he pulled over and its driver were pelted with dented beer cans and broken glass as a small tidal wave of lukewarm beer rained down on them from above.

Fortunately, nobody was badly injured during the spill, but Officer Smaka's uniform, which he had just picked up from the dry cleaners, will probably smell like a bar floor for quite some time.

Trucks dumping their loads on freeways with amusing results happens more than most people might realize. In 2016, a beer truck overturned on a Denver, CO area overpass depositing cases of MGD all over the road. Then there was this instantaneous party when a Frito-Lay truck slammed into a beer truck on a Florida freeway, when a truck hauling 20 tons of Popeye's biscuits spilled mega-tasty cargo on the shoulder of a Mississippi highway. When commercial vehicles dump things, it's not always beer and snacks, either. In fact, trailers full of angry bees, toilet paper and even plush teddy bears have been seen on the roads and highways in the USA in recent years and we have seen some strange things along the highway in Buffalo, NY. But, this beer spill will have people laughing (and hiccuping) for decades to come, no doubt. 

We strive to bring you relative content from  Gabe's Collision Service in Buffalo , NY .

Sources: Las Vegas Sun, KSNV, AOL

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