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The Honda NeuV Knows How You Feel

The Honda NeuV, a lightweight, city-friendly electric car, is the company’s  latest concept and a peek at what cars may be in the not-too-distant future. It includes an Automated Network Assistant, (HANA),  for a more personalized driving experience. Here are some interesting facts from Service King East Irving about this new, cutting-edge vehicle, hoping that we will see some of them one day in Irving, TX.

Through the personalized system, the car becomes aware of a driver’s moods and emotions and remembers his or her likes and dislikes. NeuV’s “emotion engine” helps the owner form a “deeper emotional bond with the vehicle,”  by allowing the car to respond to its owner's conversations and feelings, remembering the owner’s favorite coffee shop, or playing soothing music when it picks up stress cues.

The NeuV is also designed to generate revenue when not in use by operating as part of an autonomous ride-sharing fleet.

It can also recoup costs by managing electric power consumption, monitoring electricity rates and charging only when it is cost-effective to do so. Not only that, but it can also sell back any excess power stored to the grid at peak times, giving the owner a better deal when buying power back at low points.

These and other features are the reason why some are calling the NeuV a "brain on wheels".

Honda also designed the NeuV to be able to make digital payments for goods and services on the go, through your bank account or Visa. It even makes getting around outside the car easier by including an electric longboard (skateboard) in the back.

The car’s exterior design is unique as well, creating greater visibility by being mostly semi-transparent glass and with doors that pivot upwards to a 90-degree angle, helping ensure they’re accessible even in tight spaces. This also has the benefit of making possible a low entry step and unobstructed area for on-and-off-loading cargo and passengers.

NeuV’s under set lights disappear when turned off, and its surface is designed to be reflective, so it displays the surrounding environment when parked, though some have described it as resembling a Whirlpool.

The NeuV’s brain system, designed over the course of 18 months at Honda’s L.A.-based Advanced Design facility, is primarily interacted with through a large touchscreen which completely replaces the instrument panel, and is visible to the driver  through the steering wheel.

“The actual design is inspired by a grand piano in the room,” a company official said recently in an interview. “Everything else is very simple, very understated, but there’s kind of this celebration of the technology in the center.”



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