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Never have I done business with such an IMMORAL business owner. Long story short: they tore down my car when I clearly said I did NOT want them to do so so they could charge me $800+. Long story: A van hit my car on the freeway and as a result, highway patrol called for towing services to tow my car to the nearest body shop: Patrick Flynn's Autobody. The morning after the accident, I get a phone call from a representative saying they would help me out with getting a car rental and submitting a claim to insurance. I call them back in less than an hour and tell them that they DON'T have to make any moves because my lawyer will have the car towed to a body shop closer to my home and have it fixed there. The day after call, I arrange for the car to be towed back to my home area in Los Angeles and they tell me they had went ahead and TORE MY CAR DOWN (WITHOUT MY PERMISSION) and that it would be RELEASED ONLY IF I PAY $800+ fee on top of the other storage and logistical fees. R i d i c u l o u s. ****) Did they forget that they didn't have the car owner's authorization to have this done to the car? 2) Even if I wanted the car torn down (which I don't), they are supposed to wait, and first get an appraisal by my insurance company stating whether the car is totaled or fixable 3) The icing on the cake is that they LIED to my mother (the owner of the car) and said that I had authorized the tearing of the car via signature when the car was first towed away. I. DID. NO. SUCH. THING. Right after I disputed this claim, they changed tactics and then said I verbally authorized them to tear down my car. Once again, I. DID. NO. SUCH. THING. It is morally disgusting the levels to which people will stoop to line their pockets with a few more dollars. I do not care how capable a car shop is if their morals are so out of line to cheat a mother and her daughter out of $800+.


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