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What questions should you ask your car insurance adjuster before your auto body repair starts at ABS Collision Center in Fontana CA ?

My car was rear ended last night while traveling at highway speeds. The car is a 2013 Hyundai Elantra with fairly low mileage. I don't know much about cars but both quarter panels are damage and I know that the rear driver side door no longer opens. The trunk did open but does not appear to be sitting right on the car. The car is currently at a tow yard and will be taken to a Fontana California auto body shop and examined by an insurance adjustor. I'm just wondering what I should ask the adjuster to look for as far as ensuring that the car is safe to repair.

car accident with auto body damage in Fontana CA



Your auto body repair shop estimator at whatever body shop in Fontana California that you take your car to should write an accurate estimate to repair all the car accident damage. It is the job of your insurance adjuster to determine if the insurance company feels the auto body repair shop estimate is accurate, and is enough to fix the damage. The adjuster will then determine if your car is going to be deemed repairable, or if he will declare the car to be a total loss.

If you doubt the estimate is accurate you can have an auto body shop in Fontana California of your choice give you an estimate as well. Seeing that your car is fairly new, most insurance companies will recommend that you use a body shop in Fontana is on their direct repair program, however you do not have to use that auto body shop to fix your car.  Any reputable auto body shop in Fontana can repair your car for you if it's still repairable, but they might have to abide by the guidelines of your insurance company.

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