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Children and Seniors Get Hit By Cars Way Too Much

It happens before you even realize it. A child or a senior walks out into a crosswalk suddenly and the driver is either driving too fast or not paying attention. If you've see this happen, you will surely never forget it.

Young people and folks that are 60-plus in age are the most likely demographic for getting struck by vehicles as they walk or jog along the country's roads. Year after year, we here about kids and older people getting hit by a car in  Fontana, CA and it's always heartbreaking. Regardless of whom is at fault, the result is tragic. At ABS Collision Center Inc, we are also concerned about this fact, so we're happy to share this blog with you.

The stats are scary. Children and mature pedestrians are the most at-risk for fatal and serious injuries at the hands of drivers. According to a specialized study conducted a few years back at the NHTSA’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis the organization discovered that children ages 15 and under accounted for 6% of all pedestrian fatalities and a whopping 18% of all pedestrians injured in traffic accidents. Data also shows that pedestrians ages 65-plus accounted for an additional 20% of pedestrian fatalities.

ABW: Always Be Wary of Children and Seniors

AutoBody-Review children and seniors get hit by cars way too muchChildren are the most erratic of all pedestrians, because of their size and the fact that many of them don’t comprehend the rules of the roadway. As a driver, always be vigilant and prepared to stop whenever you're  driving in a school area or in close proximity to parks. Always be looking out for young pedestrians when you're backing out of driveways or turning onto residential streets. Children can often be playing in hard-to-see places, so expect the unexpected at all times.

Pedestrians and Drivers Need to Do Their Part

It goes both ways and in many cases careless pedestrians cause car accidents believe it or not. Pedestrians have do their part to steer clear of vehicles and avert accidents. Even the most conscientious drivers can find themselves encountering a pedestrian who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unsafe actions performed by pedestrians  include walking behind a vehicle that is in reverse, walking through a red light, crossing in the center standing or walking on a median or other unsafe moves.

When drivers and pedestrians work in conjunction with each other, we can diminish the number of pedestrian-related automobile accidents. Local cities should do what they can for pedestrian safety, by creating and maintaining pedestrian zones, driveways, sidewalks, and other safe walking parts of your city or town. By working together and continually looking out for others, it will help for everyone to stay safe and stop unnecessary injuries as a result.

We strive to bring you relative content from ABS Collision Center Inc in Fontana , CA .

Sources: NHTSA, AARP and Forbes


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